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Advanced Econometrics II

  • Teacher(s)
    Frank Kleibergen, Andreas Pick
  • Research field
  • Dates
    Period 3 - Jan 02, 2023 to Feb 24, 2023
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Course description

The course deals with causal inference, instrumental variables, generalized method of moments and likelihood based techniques. Modeling approaches, estimation and testing methods are developed. Asymptotic techniques and finite sample properties are discussed.


Programming, Advanced Mathematics, Asymptotic Theory and Advanced Econometrics

Course literature

  • A.C. Cameron and P.K. Trivedi (2005). Microeconometrics: Methods and Applications, CUP, Chapters 8-12, 24-25
  • Guido W. Imbens and Jeffrey M. Wooldridge (2009) “Recent Developments in the Econometrics of Program Evaluation”, Journal of Economic Literature 47(1), 5–86
  • Jeffrey M. Wooldridge (2010) Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data, MIT Press
  • Scott Cunningham (2018) Causal Inference: The Mixtape