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Home | People | Vitalie Spinu

Vitalie Spinu

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics
Applied Econometrics, Econometric Methodology, Econometric Theory, Econometrics

List of publications

Bleichrodt,H. and Rohde,K.I.M. and Spinu,V. and Keskin,U. and Wakker,P.P.. 2015. Discounted Utility and Present Value—A Close Relation. Operations Research, 63, 1420--1430

Kothiyal,A. and Spinu,V. and Wakker,P.P.. 2014. An Experimental Test of Prospect Theory for Predicting Choice under Ambiguity. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 48, 1--17

Spinu,V. and Wakker,P.P.. 2013. Expected Utility without Continuity: A Comment on Delbaen, Drapeau, and Kupper (2011). Journal of Mathematical Economics, 49, 28--30

Kothiyal,A. and Spinu,V. and Wakker,P.P.. 2011. Prospect Theory for Continuous Distributions: A Preference Foundation. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 42, 195--210