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Silvia Dominguez Martinez

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Organizations and Markets
Experimental Economics, Organizational Economics, Personnel Economics


Silvia Dominguez-Martinez is Associate Professor at the section Microeconomics at Universiteit van Amsterdam. She holds a PhD in Economics from Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and Tinbergen Institute. Her research is in the field of Organizational Economics and Experimental Economics with a focus on the delegation of authority decision and the impact of gender quotas on female participation in tournaments and on future promotion opportunities of women. Recently she started a new research project in the field of Economics of Education.

List of publications

Dominguez Martinez, S., Sloof, R. and von Siemens, F.A. (2014). Monitored by your friends, not your foes: strategic ignorance and the delegation of real authority Games and Economic Behavior, 85:289--305.

Swank, O.H. and Dominguez Martinez, S. (2009). A Simple Model of Self-Assessment Economic Journal, 119(539):1225--1241.

Dominguez Martinez, S., Swank, O.H. and Visser, B. (2008). In defense of Boards Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 17(3):667--682.

Swank, O.H. and Dominguez Martinez, S. (2006). Polarization, Information Collection and Electoral Control Social Choice and Welfare, 26:527--545.