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Home | People | Chris Elbers

Chris Elbers

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Empirical Microeconomics
Growth, Policy Evaluation, Poverty

List of publications

Elbers, C. and Gunning, J. (2014). Evaluation of Development Programs: Randomized Controlled Trials or Regressions? World Bank Economic Review, 28(3):432--445.

Pouw, N. and Elbers, C. (2012). Modelling Priority Patterns in Asset Acquisition. The case of smallholder farmer in three rural districts in Uganda Journal of Development Studies, 48(9):1360--1374.

Elbers, C., Gunning, J. and Pan, L. (2009). Insurance and rural welfare: what can panel data tell us? Applied Economics, 41(24):3093--3101.

Elbers, C., Gunning, J. and de Hoop, J.J. (2009). Assessing sector-wide programs with statistical impact evaluation: A methodological proposal World Development, 37(2):513--520.

Elbers, C., Lanjouw, P., Mistiaen, JohnA. and Özler, B. (2008). Erratum: Reinterpreting between-group inequality (Journal of Economic Inequality (2008) vol. 6 (285) 10.1007/s10888-008-9098-8) Journal of Economic Inequality, 6(3):285.

Elbers, C., Lanjouw, P., Mistiaen, J. and Özler, B. (2008). Reinterpreting between-group inequality Journal of Economic Inequality, 6(3):231--245.

Elbers, C., Gunning, J. and Kinsey, B. (2007). Growth and Risk: Methodology and Micro Evidence World Bank Economic Review, 21:1--20.

Elbers, C., Fujii, T., Lanjouw, P., Özler, B. and Yin, W. (2007). Poverty alleviation through geographic targeting: How much does disaggregation help? Journal of Development Economics, 83:198--213.

Elbers, C., Lanjouw, J.O.L. and Lanjouw, P. (2005). Imputed welfare estimates in regression analysis Journal of Economic Geography, 5(1):101--118.

Elbers, C., Lanjouw, P., Mistiaen, J., Özler, B. and Simler, K. (2004). On the Unequal Inequality of Poor Communities World Bank Economic Review, 18(3):401--421.

Elbers, C., Lanjouw, J.O.L. and Lanjouw, P. (2003). Micro-Level Estimation of Poverty and Inequality Econometrica, 71(1):355--364.

Elbers, C. and Lanjouw, P. (2001). Intersectoral Transfer, Growth, and Inequality in Rural Ecuador World Development, 29(3):481--496.

Elbers, C. and Withagen, C. (1984). Trading in exhaustible resources in the presence of conversion costs a general equilibrium approach Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 8(2):197--209.