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Stefanie Jeanette Huber

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Behavioral Finance, Complex Systems, Experimental Economics, Finance, Inequality, Macroeconomics, Regional and Urban Economics, Gender Economics


I am currently an assistant professor (on tenure track) at the University of Amsterdam and a Research Fellow at the Tinbergen Institute. In June 2017, I completed my Ph.D. in the field of macroeconomics under the supervision of Jordi Galí at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. I am also a graduate of the European Doctoral Program (EDP). During 2015-2016, I spent a year as a research economist in the ECB’s Financial Research Division.

My research is question-driven in the area of macroeconomics, housing markets, macro-finance, behavioral finance and household finance. I am interested in understanding how agents take decisions at the micro-level, the implications of these decisions for the macro-economy, and what this means for optimal policy.

Depending on the research question, I choose the research approach. In the past, I have used and combined model-based theoretical approaches (OLG-models, DSGE-models, simulations) and behavior-based empirical approaches (survey and experimental data analysis).

List of publications

Huber, S. and Schmidt, T. (2021). Nevertheless, they persist: Cross-country differences in homeownership behavior Journal of Housing Economics, 55:.

Brandts, J., El Baroudi, S., Huber, StefanieJ. and Rott, C. (2021). Gender differences in private and public goal setting Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 192:222--247.

Hodbod, A., Hommes, C., Huber, StefanieJ. and Salle, I. (2021). The COVID-19 consumption game-changer: Evidence from a large-scale multi-country survey European Economic Review, 140:.