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Home | Research | Requirements for Tinbergen Institute Candidate and Research Fellows

Requirements for Tinbergen Institute Candidate and Research Fellows

As part of its mission to stimulate research, Tinbergen Institute defines quality standards for researchers. Researchers of the three economics schools co-operating in Tinbergen Institute who meet TI’s quality standards can become TI research fellow. Tinbergen Institute discerns three categories of research fellowship:

  • TI Candidate Fellowship
  • TI Research Fellowship
  • TI Honorary Fellowship

TI research fellows have an excellent international reputation as an active researcher, as evidenced by recently published high-quality papers, highly cited papers, and an active research agenda. All research fellows (no matter the fellow category) should hold a PhD and at least a 0,2 fte appointment at one of the three schools. For a researcher to be eligible for a fellowship, his or her research field should fit into one of the eight research fields of Tinbergen Institute. 

The TI Fellowship Charter 2022-2026 presents all details about the requirements, publication points, citations and the application and evaluation procedure. It also states the benefits for research fellows and what expectations TI does have of its research fellows. You are welcome to submit your request for admission as a candidate or research fellow at any time by sending an email to research@tinbergen.nl

The TI journal list consists of all peer reviewed journals that are part of the subject categories “Economics” and “Business, Finance” as published here, and selected journals in Marketing, Management and Data Science (see Appendix II of the TI Fellowship Charter).