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Home | Research | Requirements for Tinbergen Institute Candidate and Research Fellows

Requirements for Tinbergen Institute Candidate and Research Fellows

As part of its mission to stimulate research, Tinbergen Institute defines quality standards for researchers. Researchers of the three economics faculties co-operating in Tinbergen Institute who meet TI’s quality standards can become TI research fellow. Tinbergen Institute discerns three categories of research fellowship:

  • TI Candidate Fellowship
  • TI Research Fellowship
  • TI Honorary Fellowship

All research fellows (no matter the fellow category) should hold a PhD. For a researcher to be eligible for a fellowship, his or her research field should fit into one of the eight research fields of Tinbergen Institute.

Research fellows have to meet TI’s publication requirements: over a five-year period, a researcher’s publications (max. of five) should yield at least five publication points. The number of publications points is determined based on the four-year mean AIS score of a journal and the TI journal list. Article Influence Scores (AIS) are published by InCites Journal Citation Reports.

Fellowship Requirements and Charter 2017-2021 presents all details about the requirements, publication points and the application and evaluation procedure. It also states the benefits for research fellows and what expectations TI does have of its research fellows.

The TI Journal List (update November 2016) outlines the number of points that a publication in a specific journal yields. The number of publications points is determined based on the journal’s four-year mean AIS score between 2012 and 2015.  If available, new AIS scores will be added to journals that had an AIS average score based on less than four years between 2012 and 2015.