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Tinbergen Institute (TI) is the research institute and graduate program of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. TI is not a legal entity but is represented by Erasmus University (host University for TI).

This Privacy Statement applies to all activities of the Tinbergen Institute.

The purpose of this privacy statement is to inform you how we use and process personal data. This policy may change from time to time, but if you are accessing this statement from our website you are reading the latest version.

What data do we collect?

  • Bulk emails

We use Laposta BV to remain in contact with associated students, researchers and other relations. Please be informed that your contact details will be transferred to Laposta for processing in accordance with their privacy policy. You have the right to opt out of these emails: any email you receive from us via Laposta will give you the facility to unsubscribe and to amend the data you provided. Tinbergen Institute associates (PhD students, students and research fellows) have the right to opt out of bulk emails, but as a consequence they may miss vital (internal) information on TI activities.

  • Privacy for website visitors

We use cookies on our website to understand more about our users and to improve their experience across our website. Read our cookies policy below. Tinbergen Institute uses a privacy friendly setting of Google Analytics. The reports of Google Analytics mention anonymous IP addresses of visitors to our website. The IP addresses cannot be traced to persons. Tinbergen Institute will never provide these data to third parties, unless when required to do so by law. For Google’s privacy policy we refer to Google.

  • Processing of personal data in case of subscriptions or registrations

Where applicable, you may be requested to provide personal data in order to be involved in Tinbergen Institute’s activities (e.g. attendance at events and registration for courses) or to receive regular updates on TI’s events. The data you provide will never be used for any other than the stated purpose. Tinbergen Institute utilizes security and safety procedures which are intended to allow only authorized persons access to your personal data. The data you provide are stored by Exonet B.V.

Personal data will not be furnished to companies or organizations outside Tinbergen Institute, unless this is consistent with the purpose for which the data was obtained or when required to do so by law.

  • Embark

Tinbergen Institute uses Embark to process applications to the research master program. A separate privacy statement on the handling of applicants’ data and Embark’s privacy statement can be found in Embark.

Sites linked to Tinbergen Institute’s websites
Tinbergen Institute’s websites include links to sites which have not been constructed by or at the instruction of the institute. Tinbergen Institute is not liable for the content of linked sites or the manner in which those sites handle your personal data.

This Privacy Statement was updated on February 8, 2019.