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Transfer to PhD

After graduating from the research master program, most students transfer to PhD positions at the three economics faculties that make up TI. 

Transfer to PhD

The three faculties participating in Tinbergen Institute have PhD positions available for students who have completed the TI research master program. 

TI fellows, researchers with excellent international credentials, are available for thesis supervision. This means that TI can offer expert supervision in almost any specialized field of economics, econometrics or finance. In many cases, the thesis supervisor will fulfill the role of PhD thesis supervisor. Usually, TI fellows only supervise one to five (in rare cases) PhD students at the same time.

PhD students are typically employed by the faculty as PhD researcher in a full-time position with all the benefits of employment, including a good salary. The number of PhD positions offered by the faculties varies each year. In a typical year, all students who perform well and pass the research master program can transfer to a PhD position. However, as the faculties and not TI provide PhD positions, TI cannot guarantee a PhD position for all students.

During the PhD track, funding for (foreign) travel, conference visits, literature and so forth is available. TI research master graduates are most welcome to participate in TI field courses during the PhD years. Tinbergen Institute assists PhD students to prepare successfully for the job market.



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