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11th International Workshop on Retrial Queues and Related Topics (WRQ11)

  • Speaker(s)
    Bong Dae Choi (Korea University, Seoul, Korea), Dieter Fiems (Ghent University, Belgium), Alain Jean-Marie (INRIA), Karl Sigman (Columbia University)
  • Location
    Tinbergen Institute, room 1.01
  • Date and time

    August 03 2016, 00:00 until August 08 2016, 01:00

This meeting will be the 11th in a series of workshops aiming to promote research and encourage interaction in the community of retrial queues and related topics. To foster interaction with researchers working on mathematically related topics, this time we choose to broaden the scope of the workshop and include stochastic models with customer impatience, abandonment, individual routing and preference-based rational choice. Models with active customer control appear naturally as a modeling paradigm in call-centers, computer and communication networks, wireless and ad-hoc networks, and road traffic, just to name a few application domains.

In all these examples customers play a more active role than in the traditional queueing models such as pure delay or loss models. Models with non-persistent customers, abandonments and customer-controlled queueing models enjoy much interest in the applied probability community. The active role of the customers can be seen as a common feature of these models, and usually this characteristic makes the analysis of these models a great challenge. Whereas the theme in the ten workshops held so far focused on retrial models only, it therefore seems appropriate to extend the scope to a broader class of models with active customer control as a common denominator.

We invite Applied Probabilists, Operation Researchers, Engineers, Computer Scientists and Statisticians with a main or side interest in queueing to contribute to WRQ11. The scope of the conference includes both theoretical papers with advances in mathematical techniques that can be useful for analyzing all types of models with an active role for the customers as well as applications of these type of models. More specifically, the topics of WRQ11 include but are not limited to analytical innovations, computational methods, optimization, control, statistical inference and applications.

Researchers with ongoing or completed unpublished work or recently published papers on queues with active customers or queues with customer control are cordially invited to submit their work for presentation at WRQ11 in Amsterdam.

The organizing committee of WRQ11

Rein Nobel (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Sindo Núñez Queija (University of Amsterdam)
Ad Ridder (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Henk Tijms (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)