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Home | Events Archive | 13th Tinbergen Institute Conference: International Trade and Development
TI Annual Conference

13th Tinbergen Institute Conference: International Trade and Development

  • Speaker(s)
    Keynotes: Robin Burgess (London School of Economics, United Kingdom) and Dave Donaldson (MIT, United States)
  • Location
  • Date and time

    June 22 2018, 12:00 until June 23 2018, 18:00

The 13th Tinbergen Institute Conference: International Trade and Development was held at the Tinbergen Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on June 21-23, 2018

Keynote Speakers

Robin Burgess (London School of Economics, United Kingdom)
Famine and Trade


Dave Donaldson (MIT, United States)
External Economies of Scale and Industrial Policy: A View from Trade

Invited Speakers in alphabetical order

    • Pablo Fajgelbaum (UCLA, United States)
      Optimal Spatial Policies, Geography and Sorting
    • Beata Javorcik (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
      Forensics, Elasticities and Benford’s Law: Detecting Tax Fraud in International Trade
    • Diego Puga (CEMFI, Spain)
      Urban growth and its aggregate implications
    • Meredith Startz (Princeton University, United States)
      The value of face-to-face: Search and contracting problems in Nigerian trade
    • Matthew Turner (Brown University, United States)
      Subways and Urban Air Pollution
    • Christian Volpe Martincus (Inter-American Development Bank, United States)
      Transit Trade
Speakers Parallel sessions in alphabetical order:
    • Jan David Bakker (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
      International Trade and Regional Inequality
    • Quy-Toan Do (World Bank, United States)
      Anti-Globalization Cycles
    • Matteo Fiorini (European University Institute, Italy)
      Input tariffs, Roads and Firm Performance: Evidence from Ethiopia
    • Laura Hering (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
      Looking for the bright side of the China Syndrome: Rising export opportunities and life satisfaction in China
    • Cong Peng (London School of Economics, United Kingdom)
      Colonial legacies: Shaping African cities
    • Bob Rijkers (World Bank, United States)
      Collusion in Customs: Evidence from Madagascar
    • James Sayre (UC Berkeley, United States)
      Commodity Trade Matters
    • Adam Storeygard (Tufts University, United States). Plenary session
      Mobility and congestion in urban India
    • Marcel Timmer (University of Groningen)
      Development in Task Space: What You Do in Exports Matters
    • Pierre-Louis Vezina (King’s College London, United Kingdom)
      Resource Discoveries and FDI Bonanzas: An Illustration from Mozambique
    • Ariel Weinberger (University of Oklahoma, United States)
      Openness and Factor Shares: Is Globalization Always Bad for Labor?


Tinbergen Institute fellows:

Maarten Bosker (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Steven Poelhekke (VU Amsterdam)
Peter Lanjouw (VU Amsterdam)

Local support:

Christina Månsson (Tinbergen Institute)