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Webinar: Sectoral Business Dynamism: A Tale of Winners and Losers

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    May 20, 2020
    14:00 - 15:00

To participate this seminar, please send an email to: ae-secr@ese.eur.nl

This paper presents a dynamic framework of intra-industry oligopolistic competition. The aim is to study whether the documented increase in firm-level business dynamism caused stagnation at the sectoral level. The analysis relies on the occurrence of the ICT revolution, which is proxied by two one-time permanent shocks, namely an increase in entry costs and an increase in the volatility of the idiosyncratic productivity. The response of the industry endogenously generates the decrease in sectoral business dynamism observed empirically. Results can be decomposed in two main channels, which happen with different timings: a change in the composition of the sector, since the relative number of high-markup firms increases during the first periods of the transition, and a reallocation of market power, given that, over time, superstar firms manage to capture the market shares of the exiting or damaged firms.

(co-authored by Agnieszka Markiewicz).

The online brownbag seminar will be chaired by Dirk Schindler.

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