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Belief Based Utility Conference

  • Speaker(s)
    Leonardo Bursztyn (University of Chicago, United States), Roland Bénabou (Princeton University, United States), Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch (DICE/Uni. Düsseldorf, Germany), George Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon University, United States) et al.
  • Field
    Behavioral Economics
  • Location
    University of Amsterdam, Universiteitstheater, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16, room 3.01
  • Date and time

    June 10 2022, 09:00 until June 11 2022, 17:00

On June 10 and 11, PhD student Davide Pace and research fellow Joel van der Weele organize a conference on belief based utility and other aspects of belief formation. Standard economic theory posits a separation between preferences or emotions and beliefs, where the latter have purely instrumental value in decision making. In this conference we consider other approaches to belief formation, particularly when people derive direct value from their beliefs. The conference features theory, experiments, and applied work.

If you want to sign up for the conference, please use this link. Attendance is limited and granted on a first come first serve basis.

View program here.