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  • Marcel Boumans (1995). Frisch on testing of business cycle theories Journal of Econometrics.

  • Hoek, H., Lucas, A. and van Dijk, H.K. (1995). Classical and Bayesian aspects of robust unit root inference Journal of Econometrics, 69:27--59.
  • Lucas, A. (1995). An outlier robust unit root test with an application to the extended Nelson-Plosser data Journal of Econometrics, 66(1-2):153--173.
  • Shuangze Liu (1995). The heteroskedastic linear regression model and the Hadamard product a note Journal of Econometrics.

  • Wilko Bolt (1995). Striking for a bargain between two completely informed agents American Economic Review.

  • Boswijk, H. (1995). Conditional and structural error correction models: Reply Journal of Econometrics, 69(1):173--175.
  • Boswijk, H. (1995). Efficient inference on cointegration parameters in structural error correction models Journal of Econometrics, 69(1):133--158.
  • Boswijk, H. and Franses, P. (1995). Periodic cointegration: Representation and inference Review of Economics and Statistics, LXXVII:436--454.
  • Koning, P., Ridder, G. and Van Den Berg, GerardJ. (1995). Structural and frictional unemployment in an equilibrium search model with heterogeneous agents Journal of Applied Econometrics, 10(1 S):S133--S151.