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11 key alumni publications

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  • Kleibergen, F. and Zivot, E. (2003). Bayesian and Classical Approaches to Instrumental Variable Regression Journal of Econometrics, 114:29--72.
  • Goeree, J. and Offerman, T. (2003). Competitive Bidding in Auctions with Private and Common Values Economic Journal, 113:598--614.
  • Lundbergh, S., Teräsvirta, T. and van Dijk, D. (2003). Time-varying smooth transition autoregressive models Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 21(1):104--121.
  • van der Klaauw, B. and van Ours, J.C. (2003). From welfare to work: does the neighborhood matter? Journal of Public Economics, 87:957--985.
  • van der Klaauw, B. and Koning, R. (2003). Testing the normality assumption in the sample selection model with an application to travel demand Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 21:31--42.
  • Plug, E. and Vijverberg, W. (2003). Schooling, family background, and adoption: Is it nature or is it nurture Journal of Political Economy, 111:611--641.
  • Francesco Lippi (2003). Strategic monetary policy with non-atomistic wage setters Review of Economic Studies.

  • Kleibergen, F. and Groen, J. (2003). Likelihood Based Cointegreation Analysis in Panels of Vector Error Correction Models Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 21:295--318.
  • Leuven, E., Oosterbeek, H., Sloof, R. and Sonnemans, J. (2003). An experimental comparison of reliance levels under alternative breach remedies RAND Journal of Economics, 34(2):205--222.
  • Paap, R. and van Dijk, H. (2003). Bayes estimates of Markov trends in possibly cointegrated series: an application to U.S. consumption and income Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 21(4):547--563.
  • Gautier, P. and Teulings, C. (2003). An empiriacal index for labour market density Review of Economics and Statistics, 85(4):901--908.