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11 key alumni publications

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  • Koopman, S., Lucas, A. and Monteiro, A. (2008). The Multi-state Latent Factor Intensity Model for Credit Rating Transitions Journal of Econometrics, 142:399--424.
  • Reuben, E. and van Winden, F. (2008). Social ties and coordination on negative reciprocity: The role of affect Journal of Public Economics, 92:34--53.
  • Post, G., van den Assem, M.J., Baltussen, G. and Thaler, R. (2008). Deal or No Deal? Decision Making under Risk in a Large-Payoff Game Show American Economic Review, 98(1):38--71.
  • Koopman, S. and Lucas, A. (2008). A Non-Gaussian Panel Time series Model for Estimating and Decomposing Default Risk Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 26(4):510--525.
  • Verschoor, W., Straetmans, S. and Wolff, C. (2008). Extreme US stock market fluctuations in the wake of 9/11 Journal of Applied Econometrics, 23(1):17--42.
  • Delfgaauw, J. and Dur, R. (2008). Incentives and Workers: Motivation in the Public Sector Economic Journal, 118(525):171--191.
  • van Veelen, M. and van der Weide, R. (2008). A note on different approaches to index number theory American Economic Review, 98(4):1722--1730.
  • Chan, K., Menkveld, A. and Yang, Z. (2008). Information Asymmetry and Asset Prices: Evidence from the Foreign Share Discount The Journal of Finance, 63(1):159--196.
  • Schinkel, M., Tuinstra, J. and Ruggeberg, J. (2008). Ilinois Walls: How barring indirect purchaser suits facilitates collusion RAND Journal of Economics, 39(3):683--698.
  • van Dijk, B. and Paap, R. (2008). Explaining individual response using aggregated data Journal of Econometrics, 146(1):1--9.
  • Foucault, T. and Menkveld, A. (2008). Competition for Order Flow and smart Order Routing Systems The Journal of Finance, 63(1):119--158.