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17 key alumni publications

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  • Fok, D. and Paap, R. (2009). Modeling category-level purchase timing with brand-level marketing variables Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24(3):469--489.
  • Paap, R., Segers, R. and van Dijk, D. (2009). Do leading indicators lead peaks more than troughs? Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 27(4):528--543.
  • Lindeboom, M. and Kerkhofs, M. (2009). Health and Work of the Elderly: Subtective Health Measures, Reportnig errors and Endogeneity in the Relationship between Health and Work r Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24:1024--1046.
  • Chintagunta, P., Franses, P.H. and Paap, R. (2009). Introduction to the Special Issue on New Econometric Models in Marketing Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24(3):375--376.
  • Sandor, Z.(. and Franses, P.H. (2009). Consumer Price Evaluations Through Choice Experiments Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24(3):517--535.
  • Kleibergen, F. and Mavroeidis, S. (2009). Weak instrument robust tests in GMM and the new Keynesian Phillips curve Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 27(3):293--311.
  • Dur, R. (2009). Gift Exchange in the Workplace: Money or Attention? Journal of the European Economic Association, 7(2-3):550--560.
  • Francesco Lippi (2009). Technological change and the households' demand for currency Journal of Monetary Economics.

  • Kleibergen, F. and Mavroeidis, S. (2009). Rejoinder Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 27(3):331--339.
  • Koopman, S., Shephard, N. and Creal, D. (2009). Testing the assumptions behind importance sampling Journal of Econometrics, 149:2--11.
  • Offerman, T., Sonnemans, J., van de Kuilen, G. and Wakker, P. (2009). A Truth-Serum for Non-Bayesians: Correcting Proper Scoring Rules for Risk Attitudes Review of Economic Studies, 76(4):1461--1489.
  • Swank, O. and Dominguez Martinez, S. (2009). A Simple Model of Self-Assessment Economic Journal, 119(539):1225--1241.
  • Frank Windmeijer (2009). Generalized method of moments with many weak moment conditions Econometrica.

  • Francesco Lippi (2009). Financial innovation and the transactions demand for cash Econometrica.

  • Gillet, J., Schram, A. and Sonnemans, J. (2009). The tragedy of the commons revisited: the Importance of group decision-making Journal of Public Economics, 93(5-6):785--797.
  • Swank, J., Swank, O. and Visser, B. (2009). How committees of experts interact with the outside world: Some theory, and evidence from the FOMC Journal of the European Economic Association, 6:478--486.
  • Kleibergen, F. (2009). Tests of risk premia in linear factor models Journal of Econometrics, 149(2):149--173.