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17 key alumni publications

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  • Albrecht, J., Gautier, P. and Vroman, S. (2012). A Note on 'Competition Among: Sellers Who Offer Auctions Instead of Prices' by Peters and Severinov Journal of Economic Theory, 147(1):389--392.
  • van den Assem, M.J., van Dolder, D. and Thaler, R. (2012). Split or Steal? Cooperative Behavior When the Stakes Are Large Management Science, 58(1):2--20.
  • Hoogerheide, L., Opschoor, A. and van Dijk, H.K. (2012). A class of adaptive importance sampling weighted EM algorithms for efficient and robust posterior and predictive simulation Journal of Econometrics, 171(2):101--120.
  • Guggenberger, P., Kleibergen, F., Mavroeidis, S. and Chen, L. (2012). On the asymptotic sizes of subset Anderson-Rubin and Lagrange multiplier tests in linear instrumental variables regression Econometrica, 80(6):2649--2666.
  • Hoogerheide, L., Ravazzolo, F. and van Dijk, H.K. (2012). Comment on Forecast Rationality Tests Based on Multi-Horizon Bounds Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 30(1):30--33.
  • Gautier, P. and van der Klaauw, B. (2012). Selection in a field experiment with voluntary participation Journal of Applied Econometrics, 27(1):63--84.
  • Frank Windmeijer (2012). Instrumental variable estimators for binary outcomes Journal of the American Statistical Association.

  • van Veelen, M. (2012). [Review of: S. Bowles, H. Gintis (2011) A cooperative species: human reciprocity and its revolution] Journal of Economic Literature, 50(3):797--803.
  • Lindeboom, M., Montizaan, R. and de Grip, A. (2012). Shattered Dreams: The effect of Changing the Pensions System Late in the Game Economic Journal, 122(559):1--25.
  • Boswijk, H. and Klaassen, F. (2012). Why frequency matters for unit root testing in financial time series Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 30(3):351--357.
  • Koopman, S., Lucas, A. and Schwaab, B. (2012). Dynamic Factor Models With Macro, Frailty and Industry Effects for U.S. Default Counts: The Credit Crisis of 2008 Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 30(4):521--532.
  • Francesco Lippi (2012). Durable consumption and asset management with transaction and observation costs American Economic Review.

  • van Ommeren, J.N. and Wentink, D. (2012). The (hidden) costs of employer parking policies International Economic Review, 53(3):965--978.
  • Francesco Lippi (2012). Oil and the macroeconomy: A quantitative structural analysis Journal of the European Economic Association.

  • Fok, D., Paap, R. and van Dijk, A. (2010). A Rank-Ordered Logit Model with Unobserved Heterogeneity in Ranking Capabilities Journal of Applied Econometrics, 27(5):831--846.
  • Geweke, J., Koop, G. and Paap, R. (2012). Editorial Introduction for the Annals Issue of the Journal of Econometrics on Bayesian Models, Methods and Applications Journal of Econometrics, 171(2):99--100.
  • Jacobs, B. and Schindler, D. (2012). On the desirability of taxing capital income in optimal social insurance Journal of Public Economics, 96(9-10):853--868.