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24 key alumni publications

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  • Kleibergen, F. and Mavroeidis, S. (2014). Identification issues in limited-information Bayesian analysis of structural macroeconomic models Journal of Applied Econometrics, 29(7):1183--1207.
  • Miguel Portela (2014). Returns to tenure or seniority? Econometrica.

  • Zu, Y. and Boswijk, H. (2014). Estimating spot volatility with high-frequency financial data Journal of Econometrics, 181(2):117--135.
  • Mesters, G. and Koopman, S. (2014). Generalized Dynamic Panel Data Models with Random Effects for Cross-Section and Time Journal of Econometrics, 180(2):127--140.
  • Albrecht, J., Gautier, P. and Vroman, S. (2014). Efficient Entry in Competing Auctions American Economic Review, 104(10):3288--3296.
  • Bartelsman, E. and Wolf, Z. (2014). Forecasting Aggregate Productivity using Information from Firm-level Data Review of Economics and Statistics, 96(4):745--755.
  • de Haan, M., Plug, E. and Rosero, J. (2014). Birth order and human capital development: evidence from Ecuador Journal of Human Resources, 49(2):359--392.
  • Lucas, A., Schwaab, B. and Zhang, X. (2014). Conditional euro area sovereign default risk Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 32(2):271--284.
  • Gijs van de Kuilen (2014). Higher order risk attitudes, demographics, and financial decisions Review of Economic Studies.

  • Govert Bijwaard (2014). The impact of labor market dynamics on the return migration of immigrants Review of Economics and Statistics.

  • Miguel Portela (2014). RETURNS TO TENURE OR SENIORITY? Econometrica.

  • Creal, D., Schwaab, B., Koopman, S. and Lucas, A. (2014). Observation Driven Mixed-Measurement Dynamic Factor Models with an Application to Credit Risk Review of Economics and Statistics, 96(5):898--915.
  • Aït-Sahalia, Y., Laeven, R. and Pelizzon, L. (2014). Mutual excitation in Eurozone sovereign CDS Journal of Econometrics, 183(2):151--167.
  • Sebastian Buhai (2014). Returns to Tenure or Seniority? Econometrica.

  • Menkveld, A. and Hendershott, T. (2014). Price Pressures Journal of Financial Economics, 114(3):405--423.
  • Ductor, L., Fafchamps, M., Goyal, S. and van der Leij, M.J. (2014). Social networks and research output Review of Economics and Statistics, 96(5):936--948.
  • Jungbacker, B., Koopman, S. and van der Wel, M. (2014). Smooth Dynamic Factor Analysis with Application to the U.S. Term Structure of Interest Rates Journal of Applied Econometrics, 29(1):65--90.
  • Jacobs, B. and Boadway, R. (2014). Optimal Linear Commodity Taxation under Optimal Non-Linear Income Taxation Journal of Public Economics, 117(1):201--210.
  • van Dijk, D.J.C., Koopman, S.J., van der Wel, M. and Wright, J (2014). Forecasting Interest Rates with Shifting Endpoints Journal of Applied Econometrics, 29:693--712.
  • Mulalic, I., van Ommeren, J.N. and Pilegaard, N. (2014). Wages and commuting: quasi-natural experiments' evidence from firms that relocate Economic Journal, 124(579):1086--1105.