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21 key alumni publications

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  • Kleibergen, F. (2021). Efficient size correct subset inference in homoskedastic linear instrumental variables regression Journal of Econometrics, 221(1):78--96.
  • Baillon, A., Bleichrodt, H., Li, C. and Wakker, PeterP. (2021). Belief hedges: Measuring ambiguity for all events and all models Journal of Economic Theory, 198:.
  • Bijkerk, S., Dominguez Martinez, S., Kamphorst, J. and Swank, O. (2021). Labor Market Quotas when Promotions are Signals Journal of Labor Economics, 39(2):437--460.
  • Sarsons, H., Gërxhani, K., Reuben, E. and Schram, A. (2021). Gender differences in recognition for group work Journal of Political Economy, 129(1):101--147.
  • Baltussen, G., Swinkels, L. and Van Vliet, P. (2021). Global factor premiums Journal of Financial Economics, 142(3):1128--1154.
  • Henri Dekker (2021). The Influence of Performance Measurement on the Processual Dynamics of Strategic Change Management Science.

  • Baltussen, G., Da, Z., Lammers, S. and Martens, M. (2021). Hedging Demand and Market Intraday Momentum Journal of Financial Economics, :.
  • Pelzl, P. and Poelhekke, S. (2021). Good mine, bad mine: Natural resource heterogeneity and Dutch disease in Indonesia Journal of International Economics, 131:1--21.
  • Golsteyn, BartH.H., Non, A. and Zölitz, U. (2021). The impact of peer personality on academic achievement Journal of Political Economy, 129(4):1052--1099.
  • Li, M. and Koopman, S. (2021). Unobserved components with stochastic volatility: Simulation-based estimation and signal extraction Journal of Applied Econometrics, 36(5):614--627.
  • Kapoor, S., Oosterveen, M. and Webbink, D. (2021). The price of forced attendance Journal of Applied Econometrics, 36(2):209--227.
  • Huang, W., Menkveld, AlbertJ. and Yu, S. (2021). Central counterparty exposure in stressed markets Management Science, 67(6):3596--3617.
  • Opschoor, A., Lucas, A., Barra, I. and van Dijk, D. (2021). Closed-Form Multi-Factor Copula Models With Observation-Driven Dynamic Factor Loadings Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 39(4):1066--1079.
  • Einmahl, JohnH.J., Yang, F. and Zhou, C. (2021). Testing the Multivariate Regular Variation Model Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 39(4):907--919.
  • Egebark, J., Ekström, M., Plug, E. and van Praag, M. (2021). Brains or beauty? Causal evidence on the returns to education and attractiveness in the online dating market Journal of Public Economics, 196:.
  • Juodis, A., Karabiyik, H. and Westerlund, J. (2021). On the robustness of the pooled CCE estimator Journal of Econometrics, 220(2):325--348.
  • Blasques, F., Gorgi, P. and Koopman, S.J. (2021). Missing observations in observation-driven time series models Journal of Econometrics, 221(2):542--568.
  • Dur, R., Fleming, D., Van Garderen, M. and Van Lent, M. (2021). A Social Norm Nudge to Save More: A Field Experiment at a Retail Bank Journal of Public Economics, 200:.
  • Oosterbeek, H., Sóvágó, S. and van der Klaauw, B. (2021). Preference heterogeneity and school segregation Journal of Public Economics, 197:1--26.
  • Boswijk, H., Cavaliere, G., Georgiev, I. and Rahbek, A. (2021). Bootstrapping non-stationary stochastic volatility Journal of Econometrics, 224(1):161--180.