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  • 68 - Strategic trade policy and multinational enterprises: essays on trade and investment by Japanese electronics firms

    Author: Rene Belderbos

    Supervisors: L.I.E. Sleuwaegen, J.A. Stam

    Defense date: May 19, 1994

    University: Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • 67 - Modelling international financial markets: an empirical study

    Author: Philip Stork

    Supervisors: C.G. Koedijk, Casper de Vries

    Defense date: April 28, 1994

    University: Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • 66 - The paradox of information technology management

    Author: Sven Fischer

    Supervisor: J.S. Achterberg

    Defense date: April 11, 1994

  • 65 - On the theory and measurement of comparative advantage. An empirical analysis of Yugoslav trade in manufactures with the OECD countries, 1970-1986

    Author: Olga Memedovic

    Supervisors: H. Linnemann, J. Spronk

    Defense date: March 10, 1994

  • 64 - System identification based on Riemannian geometry: theory and algorithms

    Author: Ralf Peeters

    Supervisors: M. Hazewinkel, A.H.Q.M. Merkies

    Defense date: February 08, 1994

    University: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

  • 63 - Economische dynamiek en toplocaties. Locatiekarakteristieken en prijsontwikkeling van kantoren in een aantal grote Europese steden

    Author: Robert Lie

    Supervisors: B. Kruijt, J.G. Lambooy

    Defense date: January 21, 1994

  • 62 - The creation of meaning in advertising. Interaction of figurative advertising and individual differences in processing styles

    Author: Marian Dingena

    Supervisors: F.G.M. Pieters, W.F. van Raaij

    Defense date: January 20, 1994

  • 61 - De markthuur op kantorenmarkten in Nederland

    Author: Jan Grootendorst

    Supervisors: Martin Fase, B. Kruijt

    Defense date: January 07, 1994