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News | August 18, 2023

Nadine Ketel receives Veni research grant

Research fellow Nadine Ketel (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) has been awarded Veni funding from the NWO (Dutch Research Council). Nadine Ketel will use the grant to conduct research into inequality of opportunity in education.

Nadine Ketel receives Veni research grant
How admission policies and peers affect equality of access to education

One of the most consequential early choices for later-life success regard the level and field of education. This proposal studies how higher education choices are influenced by family and peer networks and investigates whether equality of access to education is restricted by admission procedures. It studies the long-term effects of attending the most-preferred secondary school, estimates spillover effects of education choices of siblings, cousins and neighbours on their younger peers and explores whether selection in higher education exacerbates existing inequalities in education. This project will contribute to the design of optimal admission procedures in education in the Netherlands and beyond.


Nadine Ketel is an associate professor at the department of economics of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Before joining the VU, she was an assistant professor at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She obtained her PhD at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute in 2016. Nadine is also a TI research master alumna (2011).


The NWO Veni research grant, with a maximum amount of 280,000 euros, is awarded to newly promoted researchers with an excellent research proposal. The grant offers researchers the opportunity to further develop their ideas over a period of three years and stimulates curiosity-driven and innovative research.  The NWO has awarded 188 researchers from all fields in this round.