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Thomas Peeters

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Organizations and Markets
Industrial Organization, Microeconometrics, Organizational Economics, Personnel Economics

List of publications

Hoey, S., Peeters, T.L.P.R. and Principe, F. (2021). The transfer system in European football: A pro-competitive no-poaching agreement? International Journal of Industrial Organization, 75(March 2021):.

Peeters, T.L.P.R. and van Ours, J.C. (2021). Seasonal Home Advantage in English Professional Football; 1974-2018 De Economist, 169:.

Peeters, T., Szymanski, S. and Tervio, M. (2021). The Survival of Mediocre Superstars in the Labor Market Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, :.

Peeters, T.L.P.R. (2018). Testing the Wisdom of Crowds in the Field: Transfermarkt Valuations and International Soccer Results International Journal of Forecasting, 34(1):17--29.

Peeters, T.L.P.R. (2015). Profit-maximizing Gate Revenue Sharing in Sports Leagues Economic Inquiry, 53(2):1275--1291.

Peeters, T.L.P.R. and Szymanski, S. (2014). Financial Fair Play in European Football Economic Policy, 29(78):343--390.

Peeters, T.L.P.R., Matheson, V. and Szymanski, S. (2014). Tourism and the 2010 World Cup: lessons for developing countries Journal of African Economies, 23(2):290--320.

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