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Home | People | Enrico Pennings

Enrico Pennings

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Organizations and Markets
Globalization, Industrial Organization, Innovation, Trade

List of publications

de Vries,AGB and Pennings,H.P.G. and Block,J.H. and Fisch,C.. 2017. Trademark or patent? The effects of market concentration, customer type and venture capital financing on start-ups’ initial IP applications. Industry and Innovation, 24, 325--345

Pennings,H.P.G.. 2017. Real Options with Ex-Post Division of the Surplus. Journal of Banking and Finance, 81, 200--206

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Pennings,H.P.G. and Lint,L.J.O.. 1997. The option value of advanced R\&D. European Journal of Operational Research, 103, 83--94