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Home | People | Erik Plug

Erik Plug

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Empirical Microeconomics
Education, Family Economics, Labor

Key publications

List of publications

Hofmarcher, T. and Plug, E. (2022). Specialization in same-sex and different-sex couples Labour Economics, 77:.

Egebark, J., Ekström, M., Plug, E. and van Praag, M. (2021). Brains or beauty? Causal evidence on the returns to education and attractiveness in the online dating market Journal of Public Economics, 196:.

Geijtenbeek, L. and Plug, E. (2018). Is there a penalty for registered women? Is there a premium for registered men? Evidence from a sample of transsexual workers European Economic Review, 109:334--347.

Plug, E., van der Klaauw, B. and Ziegler, L. (2018). Do Parental Networks Pay Off? Linking Children's Labor-Market Outcomes to Their Parents' Friends The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 120(1):268--295.

Buser, T., Geijtenbeek, L. and Plug, E. (2018). Sexual orientation, competitiveness and income Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 151:191--198.

Gerritsen, S., Plug, E. and Webbink, D. (2016). Teacher quality and student achievement: Evidence from a sample of Dutch twins Journal of Applied Econometrics, 32(3):643--660.

Buser, T., Oosterbeek, H., Plug, E., Ponce, J. and Rosero, J. (2017). The impact of positive and negative income changes on the height and weight of young children World Bank Economic Review, 31(3):786--808.

Lundborg, P., Plug, E. and Rasmussen, A. (2017). Can women have children and a career? IV evidence from IVF treatments American Economic Review, 107(6):1611--1637.

Leuven, E., Plug, E. and Rønning, M. (2016). Education and cancer risk Labour Economics, 43:106--121.

de Haan, M., Plug, E. and Rosero, J. (2014). Birth order and human capital development: evidence from Ecuador Journal of Human Resources, 49(2):359--392.

Holmlund, H., Lindahl, M. and Plug, E. (2011). The causal effect of parents' schooling on children's schooling: a comparison of estimation methods Journal of Economic Literature, 49(3):615--651.

de Haan, M. and Plug, E. (2011). Estimating intergenerational schooling mobility on censored samples: consequences and remedies Journal of Applied Econometrics, 26(1):151--166.

Bjorklund, A., Lindahl, M. and Plug, E. (2006). The Origins of Intergenerational Associations: Lessons from Swedish Adoption Data Quarterly Journal of Economics, 121(3):999--1028.

Plug, E. and Vijverberg, W. (2005). Does Family Income Matter for Schooling Outcomes? Using Adoption as a Natural Experiment Economic Journal, 115(506):879--906.

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Hartog, J., Plug, E., Diaz Serrano, L. and Vieira, J. (2003). Risk compensation in wages - a replication Empirical Economics, 28(3):639--647.

Plug, E. and Vijverberg, W. (2003). Schooling, family background, and adoption: Is it nature or is it nurture Journal of Political Economy, 111:611--641.

Plug, E. (2001). Season of birth, schooling and earnings Journal of Economic Psychology, 22:641--660.

Rengers, M. and Plug, E. (2001). Private or Public? How Dutch Visual Artists Choose between Working for the Market and the Government Journal of Cultural Economics, 25:1--20.

Plug, E., van Praag, B.M.S. and Hartog, J. (1999). If we knew ability, how would we tax individuals? Journal of Public Economics, 72(2):183--211.

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