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Home | People | Niels Rietveld

Niels Rietveld

Candidate Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Organizations and Markets

List of publications

Rietveld,C.A. and Bernoster,I. and Thurik,A.R. and Torrès,O.. 2018. Overconfidence, optimism, and entrepreneurship. Sustainability, 10, 2233--NA

van der Zwan,P.W. and Hessels,J. and Rietveld,C.A.. 2018. Self-employment and satisfaction with life, work, and leisure. Journal of Economic Psychology, 64, 73--88

van Kippersluis,J.L.W. and Rietveld,C.A.. 2018. Beyond Plausibly Exogenous. Econometrics Journal, 21, 316--331

Hoogendoorn,B. and Rietveld,C.A. and Van Stel,A.. 2016. Belonging, believing, bonding, and behaving: The relationship between religion and business ownership at the country level. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 26, 1--32

Rietveld,C.A. and van Kippersluis,J.L.W. and Thurik,A.R.. 2015. Self-employment and Health: Barriers or Benefits?. Health Economics, 24, 1302--1313

Hessels,J. and Rietveld,C.A. and van der Zwan,P.W.. 2014. Unraveling two myths about entrepreneurs. Economics Letters, 122, 435--438

van der Loos, Matthijs J.H.M. and Koellinger, Philipp D. and Groenen, Patrick J.F. and Rietveld, Cornelius A. and Fernando Rivadeneira and van Rooij, Frank J.A. and Uitterlinden, A. G. and Albert Hofman and Thurik, A. Roy. 2011. Candidate gene studies and the quest for the entrepreneurial gene. Small Business Economics, 37, 269--275, 0921-898X