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Home | People | Kirsten Rohde

Kirsten Rohde

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics
Inequality, Intertemporal Choice, Risk And Uncertainty, Welfare Economics

List of publications

Rohde,K.I.M. and Gerber,A.. 2018. Weighted Temporal Utility. Economic Theory, 66, 187--212

Li,Z. and Rohde,K.I.M. and Wakker,P.P.. 2017. Improving One’s Choices by Putting Oneself in Others’ Shoes—An Experimental Analysis. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 54, 1--13

Rohde,K.I.M. and Verbeke,W.J.M.I.. 2017. We like to see you in the gym—A field experiment on financial incentives for short and long term gym attendance. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 134, 388--407

Bleichrodt,H. and Gao,Y. and Rohde,K.I.M.. 2016. A measurement of Decreasing Impatience for Health and Money. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 52, 213--231

Bleichrodt,H. and Rohde,K.I.M. and Spinu,V. and Keskin,U. and Wakker,P.P.. 2015. Discounted Utility and Present Value—A Close Relation. Operations Research, 63, 1420--1430

Gerber,A. and Rohde,K.I.M.. 2015. Eliciting Discount Functions when Baseline Consumption Changes over Time. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 116, 56--64

Rohde,I.M.T. and Rohde,K.I.M.. 2015. Managing social risks – tradeoffs between risks and inequalities. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 51, 103--124

Wouters,S. and van Exel,N.J.A. and van den Donk,M. and Rohde,K.I.M. and Brouwer,W.B.F.. 2015. Do people desire to be healthier than other people? A short note on positional concerns for health. The European Journal Of Health Economics, 16, 47--54

Bleichrodt,H. and Rohde,K.I.M. and Van Ourti,T.G.M.. 2012. An Experimental Test of the Concentration Index. Journal of Health Economics, 31, 86--98

Rohde,I.M.T. and Rohde,K.I.M.. 2011. Risk Attitudes in a Social Context. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 43, 205--225

Gerber,A. and Rohde,K.I.M.. 2010. Risk and Preference Reversals in Intertemporal Choice. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 76, 654--668

Rohde,K.I.M.. 2010. A Preference Foundation for Fehr and Schmidt's Model of Inequity Aversion. Social Choice and Welfare, 34, 537--547

Rohde,K.I.M.. 2010. The Hyperbolic Factor: a Measure of Time-Inconsistency. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 41, 125--140

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Rohde,K.I.M.. 2008. Arbitrage opportunities in frictionless markets with sophisticated investors. Economic Theory, 34, 389--393

Herings,P.J.J. and Rohde,K.I.M.. 2006. Time-inconsistent preferences in a general equilibrium model. Economic Theory, 591--619