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Shaul Shalvi

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics
Experimental Economics

List of publications

Dimant, E., van Kleef, G.A. and Shalvi, S. (2020). Requiem for a Nudge: Framing effects in nudging honesty Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 172:247--266.

Irlenbusch, B., Mussweiler, T., Saxler, D., Shalvi, S. and Weiss, A. (2020). Similarity increases collaborative cheating Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 178:148--173.

Celse, J., Max, S., Steinel, W., Soraperra, I. and Shalvi, S. (2019). Uncertain lies: How payoff uncertainty affects dishonesty Journal of Economic Psychology, 71:117--125.

Soraperra, I., Weisel, O., Zultan, R., Kochavi, S., Leib, M., Shalev, H. and Shalvi, S. (2017). The bad consequences of teamwork Economics Letters, 160:12--15.

Shalvi, S. and Leiser, D. (2013). Moral firmness Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 93:400--407.

Shalvi, S., Reijseger, G., Handgraaf, M., Appelt, K., ten Velden, F.S., Giacomantonio, M. and de Dreu, C.K.W. (2013). Pay to walk away: prevention buyers prefer to avoid negotiation Journal of Economic Psychology, 38:40--49.