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Home | People | Arnoud Boot

Arnoud Boot

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Banking, Regulation, Risk Management

Key publications

List of publications

Boot, A., Hoffmann, P., Laeven, L. and Ratnovski, L. (2021). Fintech: What's Old, What's New? Journal of Financial Stability, :.

Boot, A. and Thakor, A. (2019). Post-Crisis Evolution of Banks and Markets: Introduction Journal of Financial Intermediation, 39:1--80.

Boot, A. and Ratnovski, L. (2016). Banking and Trading Review of Finance, 20(6):2219--2246.

Boot, A. (2014). Financial sector in flux Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 46(s1):129--135.

Boot, A. and Thakor, A. (2011). Managerial autonomy, allocation of control rights, and optimal capital structure Review of Financial Studies, 24(10):3434--3485.

Boot, A. and Marinč, M. (2008). The evolving landscape of banking Industrial and Corporate Change, 17(6):1173--1203.

Boot, A., Gopalan, R. and Thakor, A. (2008). Market liquidity, investor participation, and managerial autonomy: Why do firms go private? The Journal of Finance, 63(4):2013--2059.

Boot, A., Gopalan, R. and Thakor, A. (2006). The entrepreneur's choice between private and public ownership The Journal of Finance, 61(2):803--836.

Boot, A., Milbourn, T. and Schmeits, A. (2006). Credit Ratings as Coordination Mechanisms Review of Financial Studies, 19(1):81--118.

Boot, A. and Thakor, A. (2001). The Many Faces of Information Disclosure Review of Financial Studies, 14(4):1021--1057.

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