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Home | People | Maarten Bosker

Maarten Bosker

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Applied Econometrics, Development, Economic Geography, Economic History, Regional and Urban Economics

List of publications

Bosker, E.(., Roberts, M. and Park, J. (2021). Definition Matters. Metropolitan areas and agglomeration economies in a large developing country. Journal of Urban Economics, 125:.

Bosker, E.(. and Buringh, E. (2020). Iceberg transport costs Economic Journal, 130:1262--1287.

Bosker, E.(., Garretsen, H., Marlet, G. and van Woerkens, C. (2019). Nether Lands. Evidence on the price and perception of rare natural disasters. Journal of the European Economic Association, 17:413--453.

Bosker, E.M. and Buringh, E. (2017). City seeds. Geography and the origins of European cities Journal of Urban Economics, 98:139--157.

Bosker, E.(. and Buringh, E. (2017). City seeds. Geography and the origins of the European city system. Journal of Urban Economics, 98:139--157.

Bosker, E.M. and de Ree, J.J. (2014). Ethnicity and the spread of civil war Journal of Development Economics, 108:206--221.

Bosker, E.M., Buringh, E. and van Zanden, J.L. (2013). From Baghdad to London: unravelling urban development in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, 800-1800 Review of Economics and Statistics, 95(4):1418--1437.

Bosker, E.M. and Garretsen, J.H. (2012). Economic geography and economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa World Bank Economic Review, 26(3):443--485.

Bosker, E.M., Brakman, S., Garretsen, J.H. and Schramm, M. (2012). Relaxing Hukou: increased labor mobility and China's economic geography Journal of Urban Economics, 72:252--266.

Smeets, R. and Bosker, E.M. (2011). Leaders, laggards and technology seeking strategies Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 80(3):481--497.

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Bosker, E.M., Matthee, M. and Naude, W. (2010). Export specialization and economic growth The World Economy, 33(4):552--572.

Bosker, E.M. and Garretsen, J.H. (2010). Trade costs in empirical New Economic Geography Papers in Regional Science, 89(3):485--511.

Bosker, E.M. (2009). Economic development and the geography of institutions Journal of Economic Geography, 9(3):295--328.

Bosker, E.M. (2009). The spatial evolution of regional GDP disparities in the 'old' and the 'new' Europe Papers in Regional Science, 88(1):3--27.

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Bosker, E.M. and Krugell, W. (2008). Regional income evolution in South Africa after Apartheid Journal of Regional Science, 48(3):493--524.

Bosker, E.M. (2007). Growth, agglomeration and convergence, a space-time analysis for European regions. Spatial Economic Analysis, 2(1):91--100.

Bosker, E.M., Brakman, S., Garretsen, J.H. and Schramm, M. (2007). Looking for multiple equilibria when geography matters: German city growth and the WWII shock Journal of Urban Economics, 61:152--167.

Bosker, E.M. (2006). On the aggregation of Eurozone data. Economics Letters, 90(2):260--265.