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Menusch Khadjavi

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Spatial Economics
Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics, Experimental Economics

List of publications

Khadjavi Pour, M., Sipangule, K. and Thiele, R. (2021). Social Capital and Large-Scale Agricultural Investments: An Experimental Investigation Economic Journal, :.

Drupp, MoritzA., Khadjavi, M., Riekhof, M.C. and Voss, R. (2020). Professional identity and the gender gap in risk-taking. Evidence from field experiments with scientists Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 170:418--432.

Drupp, MoritzA., Khadjavi, M. and Quaas, MartinF. (2019). Truth-telling and the regulator. Experimental evidence from commercial fishermen European Economic Review, 120:1--17.

Khadjavi, M. and Tjaden, JasperD. (2018). Setting the bar - an experimental investigation of immigration requirements Journal of Public Economics, 165:160--169.

Khadjavi, M. and Nicklisch, A. (2018). Parents’ ambitions and children's competitiveness Journal of Economic Psychology, 67:87--102.

Khadjavi, M. (2018). Deterrence works for criminals European Journal of Law and Economics, 46(1):165--178.

Dold, M. and Khadjavi, M. (2017). Jumping the queue: An experiment on procedural preferences Games and Economic Behavior, 102:127--137.

Khadjavi, M., Lange, A. and Nicklisch, A. (2017). How transparency may corrupt − experimental evidence from asymmetric public goods games Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 142:468--481.

Khadjavi, M. and Lange, A. (2015). Doing good or doing harm: experimental evidence on giving and taking in public good games Experimental Economics, 18(3):432--441.

Khadjavi, M. and Lange, A. (2013). Prisoners and their dilemma Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 92:163--175.