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Home | People | Menusch Khadjavi

Menusch Khadjavi

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Spatial Economics
Behavioral-economics, Environmental Economics, Experimental Economics

List of publications

Khadjavi Pour, M., Sipangule, K. and Thiele, R. (2021). Social Capital and Large-Scale Agricultural Investments: An Experimental Investigation Economic Journal, :.

Drupp, MoritzA., Khadjavi, M., Riekhof, M.C. and Voss, R. (2020). Professional identity and the gender gap in risk-taking. Evidence from field experiments with scientists Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 170:418--432.

Drupp, MoritzA., Khadjavi, M. and Quaas, MartinF. (2019). Truth-telling and the regulator. Experimental evidence from commercial fishermen European Economic Review, 120:1--17.

Khadjavi, M. and Tjaden, JasperD. (2018). Setting the bar - an experimental investigation of immigration requirements Journal of Public Economics, 165:160--169.

Khadjavi, M. and Nicklisch, A. (2018). Parents’ ambitions and children's competitiveness Journal of Economic Psychology, 67:87--102.

Khadjavi, M. (2018). Deterrence works for criminals European Journal of Law and Economics, 46(1):165--178.

Dold, M. and Khadjavi, M. (2017). Jumping the queue: An experiment on procedural preferences Games and Economic Behavior, 102:127--137.

Khadjavi, M., Lange, A. and Nicklisch, A. (2017). How transparency may corrupt − experimental evidence from asymmetric public goods games Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 142:468--481.

Khadjavi, M. and Lange, A. (2015). Doing good or doing harm: experimental evidence on giving and taking in public good games Experimental Economics, 18(3):432--441.

Khadjavi, M. and Lange, A. (2013). Prisoners and their dilemma Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 92:163--175.