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Utz Weitzel

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Behavioral-finance, Corporate-finance, Field Experiments, Finance, Networks


Utz Weitzel is Professor of Experimental Finance at the VU Amsterdam and at Radboud University. Previously he was Professor of Finance at Utrecht University. He received a PhD from the Humboldt-University Berlin, was a post-doc at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and a Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute of Economics. He is director of the Society for Experimental Finance. His research focuses on experimental finance/economics and behavioral finance.

List of publications

Bastian Westbrock and Katrin Muehlfeld and Utz Weitzel. 2019. Selecting Legal Advisors in M&As: Organizational Learning and the Role of Multiplicity of Mental Models. Journal of Management, 45, 2193--2224, 0149-2063

Rigtering, J. P.C.(Coen) and Weitzel, G. U.(Utz) and Muehlfeld, K. (Katrin). 2019. Increasing quantity without compromising quality: How managerial framing affects intrapreneurship. Journal of Business Venturing, 34, 224--241, 0883-9026

Rene Schwaiger and Michael Kirchler and Florian Lindner and Utz Weitzel. 2019. Determinants of investor expectations and satisfaction. A study with financial professionals. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 0165-1889

Sascha Füllbrunn and Janssen, Dirk Jan and Utz Weitzel. 2019. RISK AVERSION AND OVERBIDDING IN FIRST PRICE SEALED BID AUCTIONS: NEW EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE. Economic Inquiry, 57, 631--647, 0095-2583

Franziska Heinicke and Stephanie Rosenkranz and Utz Weitzel. 2019. The effect of pledges on the distribution of lying behavior: An online experiment. Journal of Economic Psychology, 73, 136--151, 0167-4870

Michael Kirchler and Florian Lindner and Utz Weitzel. 2018. Rankings and Risk-Taking in the Finance Industry. The Journal of Finance, 73, 2271--2302, 0022-1082

Katrin Muehlfeld and Utz Weitzel and van Witteloostuijn, Arjen. 2013. Fight or freeze? Individual differences in investors' motivational systems and trading in experimental asset markets. Journal of Economic Psychology, 34, 195--209, 0167-4870

Diemo Urbig and Utz Weitzel and Stephanie Rosenkranz and Witteloostuijn, Arjen van. 2012. Exploiting opportunities at all cost? Entrepreneurial intent and externalities. Journal of Economic Psychology, 33, 379--393, 0167-4870

Katrin Muehlfeld and Utz Weitzel and van Witteloostuijn, Arjen. 2011. Mergers and acquisitions in the global food processing industry in 1986-2006. Food Policy, 36, 466--479, 0306-9192