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Home | People | Peter Mulder

Peter Mulder

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Spatial Economics
Development, Economic Geography, Environmental Economics, Regional and Urban Economics, Spatial Economics


His research focuses on topics at the edge of spatial economics and energy economics. He received a PhD from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and worked previously at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria, the Ministry of Energy in Mozambique and Purdue University in the USA.

List of publications

Fevriera, S., de Groot, HenriL.F. and Mulder, P. (2021). DOES URBAN FORM AFFECT MOTORCYCLE USE? EVIDENCE FROM YOGYAKARTA, INDONESIA Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 57(2):203--232.

Mahumane, G. and Mulder, P. (2019). Expanding versus greening? Long-term energy and emission transitions in Mozambique Energy Policy, 126:145--156.

Dobis, E., Delgado, M., Florax, R. and Mulder, P. (2019). Hierarchy and spatial contagion: population in American cities between 1990 and 2010 Journal of Economic Geography, 2019(0):1--22.

Berenschot, W. and Mulder, P. (2019). Explaining regional variation in local governance: clientelism and state-dependency in Indonesia World Development, 122:233--244.

Bakens, J., Florax, RaymondJ.G.M. and Mulder, P. (2018). Ethnic drift and white flight: A gravity model of neighborhood formation Journal of Regional Science, 58(5):921--948.

Mahumane, G. and Mulder, P. (2016). Introducing MOZLEAP: an integrated long-run scenario model of the emerging energy sector of Mozambique Energy Economics, 59(September):275--289.

Wan, J., Baylis, K. and Mulder, P. (2015). Trade-Facilitated Technology Spillovers in Energy Productivity Convergence Processes across EU Countries Energy Economics, 48(March):253--264.

Mulder, P. (2015). International Specialization, Structural Change and the Evolution of Manufacturing Energy Intensity in OECD Countries Energy Journal, 36(3):111--136.

Andadari, R., Mulder, P. and Rietveld, P. (2014). Energy poverty reduction by fuel switching. Impact evaluation of the LPG conversion program in Indonesia Energy Policy, 66(March):436--449.

Mulder, P., de Groot, H.L.F. and Pfeiffer, B. (2014). Dynamics and determinants of energy intensity in the service sector: A cross-country analysis, 1980–2005 Ecological Economics, 100(April):1--15.

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