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Isabelle Salle

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Finance, Bounded Rationality, Complex Systems, Experimental Economics, International Economics, Learning, Macroeconomics, Non-Linear Dynamics


Isabelle is a researcher in behavioral macroeconomics and finance. She works on the interactions between theoretical frameworks such as learning and heterogeneous agent models and empirical evidence on behaviors and expectations from lab and survey experiments. In her role as principal researcher at the Bank of Canada her research has included policy regarding the interactions between monetary and fiscal interventions in low-interest rate environments, central banks' communication, inflation targeting renewal and unconventional monetary policies.

List of publications

Evans, GeorgeW., Hommes, C., McGough, B. and Salle, I. (2022). Are long-horizon expectations (de-)stabilizing? Theory and experiments Journal of Monetary Economics, 132:44--63.

Hodbod, A., Hommes, C., Huber, StefanieJ. and Salle, I. (2021). The COVID-19 consumption game-changer: Evidence from a large-scale multi-country survey European Economic Review, 140:.

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