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Giorgia Romagnoli

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics
Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Bounded Rationality, Experimental Economics, Risk and Uncertainty


Giorgia Romagnoli is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Amsterdam and part of CREED. Her research is in the fields of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. Her recent focus is on understanding how the design of market institutions interacts with moral and social preferences in shaping outcomes. She has also worked on risk and uncertainty, rational inattention, overconfidence, pharmaceutical price negotiations and informational RCTs. She earned her PhD from New York University in 2016.

List of publications

Benoît, J., Dubra, J. and Romagnoli, G. (2020). Belief Elicitation When More Than Money Matters: Controlling for “Control” American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, :.