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Jan Hausfeld

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Neuroeconomics, Risk and Uncertainty


Jan Hausfeld is an Assistant Professor of Neuroeconomics at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam. His research interests include social preferences, risk attitudes and attention. He uses methods from Economics, Psychology, and Neuroscience. Before coming to Amsterdam, he was a post-doctoral researcher in Social Neuroscience (University of Bern) and Experimental Economics (University of Konstanz/ Thurgau Institute of Economics).

List of publications

Fischbacher, U., Hausfeld, J. and Renerte, B. (2022). Strategic incentives undermine gaze as a signal of prosocial motives Games and Economic Behavior, 136:63--91.

Hausfeld, J., von Hesler, K. and Goldlücke, S. (2021). Strategic gaze: an interactive eye-tracking study Experimental Economics, :177--205.

Barrafrem, K. and Hausfeld, J. (2020). Tracing risky decisions for oneself and others: The role of intuition and deliberation Journal of Economic Psychology, 77:.

Hausfeld, J., Fischbacher, U. and Knoch, D. (2020). The value of decision-making power in social decisions Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 177:898--912.