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Christina Rott

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Field Experiments, Labor, Organizational Economics, Personnel Economics


Christina Rott is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management & Organization at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She holds a PhD in Economics, Management, and Organization from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and a MSc in Economics from Barcelona School of Economics/ Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Her research lies in the field of Behavioral and Experimental Economics and she is particularly interested in organizational behavior, information asymmetries, diversity & inclusion, and communication. The main methodology in her research are lab and field experiments.

List of publications

Brandts, J., El Baroudi, S., Huber, StefanieJ. and Rott, C. (2021). Gender differences in private and public goal setting Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 192:222--247.

Brandts, J. and Rott, C. (2021). Advice from women and men and selection into competition Journal of Economic Psychology, 82:1--22.

Brandts, J. and Rott, C. (2021). Corrigendum to “Advice from women and men and selection into competition” Journal of Economic Psychology, 84:1.

Flory, JeffreyA., Leibbrandt, A., Rott, C. and Stoddard, O. (2021). Increasing Workplace Diversity: Evidence from a Recruiting Experiment at a Fortune 500 Company Journal of Human Resources, 56(1):73--92.

Brandts, J., Rott, C. and Solà, C. (2016). Not just like starting over - Leadership and revivification of cooperation in groups Experimental Economics, 19(4):792--818.