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Sebastian Pfeil

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Banking, Contract Theory, Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics


Sebastian Pfeil is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Erasmus School of Economics. Sebastian's research interests are in the areas of Corporate Finance, Financial Economics, and Dynamic Incentive Problems.

List of publications

Hoffmann, F. and Pfeil, S. (2021). Dynamic multitasking and managerial investment incentives Journal of Financial Economics, 142(2):954--974.

Pfeil, S., Klimenko, N. and Rochet, J. (2017). A simple macroeconomic model with extreme financial frictions Journal of Mathematical Economics, 86:92--102.

Pfeil, S. and Inderst, R. (2013). Securitization and compensation in financial institutions Review of Finance, 17(4):1232--1364.

Pfeil, S. and Hoffmann, F. (2010). Reward for luck in a dynamic agency model Review of Financial Studies, 23(9):3329--3345.