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Benoît Crutzen

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Organizations and Markets
Organizational Economics, Political Economy, Public Finance


Benoit Crutzen holds a PhD in economics from Universite Libre de Bruxelles (2004), an MPhil in economics from Oxford University (1998) and a first degree in economics from Bocconi University.
He is since January 1 2021 the Director of Graduate Studies of Tinbergen Institute. He is also the Doctoral Director of Erasmus School of Economics (ESE), Rotterdam, since 2015. He joined the department of economics of ESE in 2005.
His research interests are in political economy and organisational economics. In particular, his works focus on how political parties organise and what consequences party choices have for electoral and policy outcomes.
His teaching duties include undergraduate courses at ESE and graduate field courses at TI. At ESE he won five teaching awards between 2008 ad 2014.

List of publications

Crutzen, B., Flamand, S. and Sahuguet, N. (2020). A model of a team contest, with an application to incentives under list proportional representation Journal of Public Economics, 182:.

Visser, B., Swank, O. and Crutzen, B. (2013). Confidence Management: on Interpersonal Comparisons in Teams Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 22(4):744--767.

Crutzen, B. and Holton, S. (2011). The More the Merrier? Natural Resource Fragmentation and the Wealth of Nations Kyklos, 64(4):500--515.

Crutzen, B., Castanheira, M. and Sahuguet, N. (2010). Party organization and electoral competition Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 26(2):212--242.

Crutzen, B. and Sahuguet, N. (2009). Redistributive Politics with Distortionary Taxation Journal of Economic Theory, 144(1):264--279.