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Home | People | Pilar Garcia-Gomez

Pilar Garcia-Gomez

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Empirical Microeconomics
applied econometrics, health, labor, microeconometrics, policy evaluation

List of publications

Garcia Gomez,P. and Gielen,A.C.. 2018. Mortality effects of containing moral hazard: evidence from disability insurance reform. Health Economics, 27, 606--621

Garcia Gomez,P. and Puig-Junoy,J. and Casado-Marin,D.. 2016. Free Medicines Thanks to Retirement: Impact of Coinsurance Exemption on Pharmaceutical Expenditures and Hospitalization Offsets in a National Health Service. Health Economics, 25, 750--767

Garcia Gomez,P. and Hernandez Quevedo,C. and Jimenez Rubio,D and Oliva,J.. 2015. Inequity in long-term care use and unmet need: two sides of the same coin. Journal of Health Economics, 39, 147--158

Garcia Gomez,P. and Schokkaert,E. and Van Ourti,T.G.M. and Bago d'Uva,T.M.. 2015. Inequity in the face of death. Health Economics, 24, 1348--1367

Garcia Gomez,M.P. and van Kippersluis,J.L.W. and O'Donnell,O.A. and van Doorslaer,E.K.A.. 2013. Long Term and Spillover Effects of Health Shocks on Employment and Income. Journal of Human Resources, 48, 873--909

M. Lindeboom and P.G Gomez and von Gaudecker, H.K.G.. 2011. Health, disability and work: patterns for the working age population. International Tax and Public Finance, 18, 146--165, 0927-5940

Garcia Gomez,P.. 2011. Institutions, health shocks and labour outcomes across Europe. Journal of Health Economics, 30, 200--213

Garcia Gomez,M.P. and Rice,N. and Jones,A.M.. 2009. Health effects on labour market exits and entries. Labour Economics, 17, 62--76

Garcia Gomez,M.P. and Lopez Nicolas,A. 2006. Health shocks, employment and income in the Spanish labour market. Health Economics, 15, 997--1009