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Home | People | Thomas de Graaff

Thomas de Graaff

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Spatial Economics
Regional And Urban Economics, Spatial Economics, Transport Economics

List of publications

Wim Bernasco and de Graaff, Thomas and Jan Rouwendal and Wouter Steenbeek. 2017. Social Interactions and Crime Revisited: An Investigation Using Individual Offender Data in Dutch Neighborhoods. Review of Economics and Statistics, 99, 622--636, 0034-6535

Z. Zang and de Graaff, T. and P. Nijkamp. 2016. Cultural Diversity and Cultural Distance as Choice Determinants of Migration Destination. Spatial Economic Analysis, 11, 176--200, 1742-1772

M. Thissen and de Graaff, T. and van Oort, F.G.. 2016. Competitive network positions in trade and structural economic growth: A geographically weighted regression analysis for European regions. Papers in Regional Science, 95, 159--180, 1056-8190

M.B.M. Lankhuizen and de Graaff, T. and de Groot, H.L.F.. 2015. Product Heterogeneity, Intangible Barriers and Distance Decay: The effect of multiple dimensions of distance on trade across different product categories. Spatial Economic Analysis, 10, 137--159, 1742-1772

J. Beckhusen and R.J.G.M. Florax and de Graaff, T. and H.J. Poot and B.S. Waldorf. 2013. Living and working in ethnic enclaves: English Language proficiency of immigrants in US metropolitan areas. Papers in Regional Science, 92, 305--328, 1056-8190

de Graaff, T. and van Leuvensteijn, M.. 2013. An European cross-country comparison of the impact of housing market institutions on labour mobility. Regional Studies, 47, 1443--1461, 0034-3404

de Graaff, T. and R.J.G.M. Florax and van Oort, F.G.. 2012. Regional Population--Employment Dynamics across Different Sectors of the Economy. Journal of Regional Science, 52, 60--84, 0022-4146

de Graaff, T. and R.J.G.M. Florax and van Oort, F.G.. 2012. Sectoral Heterogeneity, Accessibility and Population-Employment Dynamics in Dutch Cities. Journal of Transport Geography, 25, 115--127, 0966-6923

S. Gubins and E.T. Verhoef and de Graaff, T.. 2012. Welfare effects of road pricing and traffic information under alternative ownership regimes. Transportation Research. Part A: Policy \& Practice, 46, 1304--1317, 0965-8564

de Graaff, T. and P. Nijkamp. 2010. Socio-economic impacts of migrant clustering on Dutch neighbourhoods: In search of optimal migrant diversity. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 44, 231--239, 0038-0121

de Graaff, T. and P. Rietveld. 2007. Substitution between Working at Home and Out-of-Home: The Role of ICT and Commuting Costs. Transportation Research. Part A: Policy \& Practice, 41, 142--160, 0965-8564

R.J.G.M. Florax and de Graaff, T. and P. Nijkamp and A Reggiani. 2001. A general misspecification test for spatial regression models: heteroskedasticity, dependence and nonlinearity. Journal of Regional Science, 41, 255--276, 0022-4146