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Home | People | Georg Granic

Georg Granic

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics
Behavioral Economics, Bounded Rationality, Experimental Economics, Risk and Uncertainty


I am an Assistant Professor of Behavioral Economics at Erasmus School of Economics, at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. My research interests lie in the intersection of Economics, Political Science, and Psychology. In particular, I am interested in voter / voting behavior, Behavioral Political Economy, and Political Psychology. As an interdisciplinary researcher, I have published my work in Economics (Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization), Management (Management Science), Political Science (American Political Science Review), and Psychology (Journal of Experimental Social Psychology). Before coming to Rotterdam, I held various positions at the University of Antwerp, the University of Cologne, and New York University. I obtained my PhD in Economics from the University of Konstanz.

List of publications

Baillon, A., Bleichrodt, H. and Granic, G. (2022). Incentives in Surveys Journal of Economic Psychology, :.

Alós-Ferrer, C. and Granic, G.(. (2021). Does Choice Change Preferences? An Incentivized Test of the Mere Choice Effect Experimental Economics, :.

Granic, G.D. (2017). The Problem of the Divided Majority: Preference Aggregation under Uncertainty Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 133:21--38.

Alós-Ferrer, C., Granic, G.D., Kern, J. and Wagner, A.K. (2016). Preference Reversals: Time and Again Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 52(1):65--97.

Granic, G.D. and Kern, J. (2016). Circulant Games Theory and Decision, 80(1):43--69.

Alós-Ferrer, C. and Granic, G.D. (2012). Two Field Experiments on Approval Voting in Germany Social Choice and Welfare, 39(1):171--205.