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Home | People | Wendy Janssens

Wendy Janssens

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Empirical Microeconomics
Development, Family Economics, Field Experiments, Health, Policy Evaluation

List of publications

Cavatorta, E., Janssens, W. and Mesnard, A. (2024). Gendered barriers to formal healthcare utilization: Modelling healthcare demand in a low-resource setting Economic Development and Cultural Change, :.

Geng, X., Janssens, W. and Kramer, B. (2023). Liquid milk: Savings, insurance and side-selling in cooperatives Journal of Development Economics, 165:1--20.

Opoku Duku, S.K., Nketiah-Amponsah, E., Fenenga, ChristineJ., Janssens, W. and Pradhan, M. (2022). The effect of community engagement on healthcare utilization and health insurance enrollment in Ghana: Results from a randomized experiment Health Economics, 31(10):2120--2141.

Janssens, W., Pradhan, M., de Groot, R., Sidze, E., Donfouet, H.P.P. and Abajobir, A. (2021). The short-term economic effects of COVID-19 on low-income households in rural Kenya: An analysis using weekly financial household data World Development, 138:1--8.

Cassidy, R., Groot Bruinderink, M., Janssens, W. and Morsink, K. (2021). The power to protect: Household bargaining and female condom use Journal of Development Economics, 153:1--17.

Barr, A., Dekker, M., Janssens, W., Kebede, B. and Kramer, B. (2019). Cooperation in polygynous households American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 11(2):266--283.

Geng, X., Janssens, W., Kramer, B. and van der List, M. (2018). Health insurance, a friend in need? Impacts of formal insurance and crowding out of informal insurance World Development, 111:196--210.

Janssens, W., Kramer, B. and Swart, L. (2017). Be Patient When Measuring Hyperbolic Discounting: Stationarity, Time Consistency and Time Invariance in a Field Experiment Journal of Development Economics, 126(-):77--90.

Janssens, W. and Kramer, B. (2016). The social dilemma of microinsurance: Free-riding in a framed field experiment Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 131-part B(November):47--61.

Janssens, W. and Rosemberg, C. (2014). The impact of a Caribbean home-visiting child development program on cognitive skills Economics of Education Review, 39(April):22--37.

Janssens, W. (2011). Externalities in program evaluation: the impact of a women’s empowerment program on immunization Journal of the European Economic Association, 9(6):1082--1113.

Janssens, W. (2010). Women's empowerment and the creation of social capital in Indian villages World Development, 38(7):974--988.