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Home | People | Vladimir Karamychev

Vladimir Karamychev

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Organizations and Markets
Auctions, Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Microeconomic Theory

List of publications

Bijkerk,S.H. and Karamychev,V. and Swank,O.H.. 2018. When Words are not Enough. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 149, 294--314

Janssen,M.C.W. and Karamychev,V.. 2017. Raising rivals’ cost in multi-unit auctions. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 50, 473--490

Karamychev,V. and Visser,B.. 2017. Optimal signaling with cheap talk and money burning. International Journal of Game Theory, 46, 813--850

Janssen,M.C.W. and Karamychev,V.. 2016. Spiteful Bidding and Gaming in Combinatorial Clock Auctions. Games and Economic Behavior, 100, 186--207

Karamychev,V. and van Reeven,P.A.. 2016. Subsidies and US Urban Transit Ridership. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 50, 1--20

Karamychev,V. and Janssen,M.C.W. and Maasland,E.. 2011. Auctions with flexible entry fees. Games and Economic Behavior, 72, 594--601

Karamychev,V. and van Reeven,P.A.. 2011. Park-and-ride: Good for the city, good for the region?. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 41, 455--464

Janssen,M.C.W. and Karamychev,V.. 2010. Do Auctions Select Efficient Firms?. Economic Journal, 120, 1319--1344

Janssen,M.C.W. and Karamychev,V. and Maasland,E.. 2010. Simultaneous Pooled Auctions with Multiple Bids and Preference Lists. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 166, 286--298

Karamychev,V. and van Reeven,P.A.. 2010. Oversupply or undersupply in a public transport monopoly?. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 44, 381--389

Ficco,S. and Karamychev,V.. 2009. Preference for flexibility in the absence of learning: the risk attitude effect. Economic Theory, 40, 405--426

Janssen,M.C.W. and Karamychev,V.. 2009. Auctions, aftermarket competition, and risk attitudes. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 27, 274--285

Karamychev,V. and van Reeven,P.A.. 2009. Retail sprawl and multi-store firms: an analysis of location choice by retail chains. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 39, 277--286

Karamychev,V. and van Reeven,P.A.. 2009. Why fuel surcharges may be anticompetitive. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 43, 141--155

Janssen,M.C.W. and Karamychev,V.. 2007. Selection effects in auctions for monopoly rights. Journal of Economic Theory, 134, 576--582

Janssen,M.C.W. and Karamychev,V.. 2005. Dynamic Insurance Contracts under Adverse Selection. The Journal of Risk and Insurance, 72, 45--59

Janssen,M.C.W. and Karamychev,V. and van Reeven,P.A.. 2005. Multi-store Competition: Market Segmentation or Interlacing. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 35, 700--714

Janssen,M.C.W. and Karamychev,V.. 2002. Cycles and multiple equilibria in the market for durable lemons. Economic Theory, 20, 579--601