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Home | People | Pierre Koning

Pierre Koning

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Empirical Microeconomics
Applied Econometrics, Health, Labor, Policy Evaluation

List of publications

Patrick Hullegie and Pierre Koning. 2018. How disability insurance reforms change the consequences of health shocks on income and employment. Journal of Health Economics, 62, 134--146, 0167-6296

R. Faber and P.W.C. Koning. 2017. Why Not Fully Spend a Conditional Block Grant?. International Tax and Public Finance, 24, 60--95, 0927-5940

P.W.C. Koning and van Sonsbeek, J.M.. 2017. Making Disability Work? The Effect of Financial Incentives on Partially Disabled Workers. Labour Economics, 47, 202--215, 0927-5371

P.W.C. Koning and de Groot, N.. 2016. Assessing the Effects of Disability Insurance Experience Rating. The Case of The Netherlands. Labour Economics, 41, 304--317, 0927-5371

P.W.C. Koning and M. Lindeboom. 2015. The Rise and Fall of Disability Enrollment in the Netherlands. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 29, 151--172, 0895-3309

P.W.C. Koning and D. Webbink and N. Martin. 2015. The Effect of Education on Smoking Behavior: New Evidence for Smoking Durations of a Sample of Twins. Empirical Economics, 48, 1479--1497, 0377-7332

P.W.C. Koning. 2015. Making Work Pay for the Indebted? Assessing the Effects of Debt Services on the Exit Rates of Welfare Recipients. Labour Economics, 34, 152--161, 0927-5371

P.W.C. Koning and van de Meerendonk, A.. 2014. The Impact of Scoring Weights on Price and Quality Outcomes: An Application to the Procurement of Welfare-to-Work Services. European Economic Review, 71, 1--14, 0014-2921

P.W.C. Koning and van der Wiel, K.. 2013. Ranking the schools: How school-quality information affects school choice in the Netherlands. Journal of the European Economic Association, 11, 466--493, 1542-4766

D. Webbink and S. Vujic and P.W.C. Koning and N. Martin. 2012. The effect of childhood conduct disorder on human capital. Health Economics, 21, 928--945, 1057-9230

P.W.C. Koning. 2012. Contracting Welfare-to-Work Services. Economics Letters, 114, 349--352, 0165-1765

J. Vyrastekova and S. Onderstal and P.W.C. Koning. 2012. Self-selection and the power of incentive schemes: An experimental study. Applied Economics, 44, 4211--4219, 0003-6846

P.W.C. Koning and van Vuuren, D.J.. 2010. Disability Insurance and Unemployment Insurance as Substitute Pathways. Applied Economics, 42, 575--588, 0003-6846