Lucas, A., Schwaab, B. and Zhang, X. (2017). Modeling Financial Sector Joint Tail Risk in the Euro Area Journal of Applied Econometrics, 32(1):171--191.

  • Affiliated authors
    Andre Lucas, Bernd Schwaab
  • Publication year
  • Journal
    Journal of Applied Econometrics

We develop a novel high-dimensional non-Gaussian modeling framework to infer measures of conditional and joint default risk for numerous financial sector firms. The model is based on a dynamic generalized hyperbolic skewed-t block equicorrelation copula with time-varying volatility and dependence parameters that naturally accommodates asymmetries and heavy tails, as well as nonlinear and time-varying default dependence. We apply a conditional law of large numbers in this setting to define joint and conditional risk measures that can be evaluated quickly and reliably. We apply the modeling framework to assess the joint risk from multiple defaults in the euro area during the 2008-2012 financial and sovereign debt crisis. We document unprecedented tail risks between 2011 and 2012, as well as their steep decline following subsequent policy actions. Copyright