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Field Paper and Research Internship

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    Period 1 - Sep 04, 2023 to Oct 27, 2023
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Course description

In a Field Paper the student summarizes the literature on a particular topic, describes the major contributions and identifies the direction in which the literature is heading. The topic of the Field Paper should be related to a TI course and the supervisor of the Field Paper is the teacher of the course.

During a Research Internship a student contributes to an ongoing or newly starting research project of a TI (candidate) fellow. The student is thus not the principal investigator on the project. The students devotes about 75 hours of work to the Research Internship and can do tasks such as collecting, cleaning, analyzing data, programming, summarizing literature, and modelling.

The Field Paper and the Research Internship are not meant as extension or start of the thesis. The two products should be clearly distinct. Therefore, work done for the Field Paper or Research Internship cannot - without substantial modifications - be used for the thesis. However, this does not rule out that the thesis is for example on a related topic as the Field Paper or uses data that has been collected during the Research Internship.

Students receive credits for Field Paper or the Research Internship. Therefore, students are not allowed to receive payments for their work. Financial motives may not be the reason for choosing the Field Paper or Research Internship over a field course.

The Field Paper and the Research Internship are individual work of the student.