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Job Market Candidates 2023-2024

Please find this year's job market candidates below 

Placement Director: Professor Eric (E.J.) Bartelsman Ph: +31 (0)20 598 6167
Placement Assistant: Christina Månsson E: c.mansson@tinbergen.nl

Job market candidates

Mariia Artemova

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


I am an econometrician with primary research interests in time series analysis.


In my research, I develop new econometric methodology and theory for dependent data utilizing factor models and time-varying parameter models to answer relevant questions in the fields of economics and finance.


Primary Fields: Econometrics; Time Series Analysis
Secondary Fields:
Financial Econometrics; Macroeconometrics

Mareen Bastiaans

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Placement: Postdoctoral Researcher (6 years), European University Viadrina and DIW Berlin


I am an applied microeconomist working in labor, family, and health economics.


In my research, I use rich administrative data sets that I combine with natural experiments to understand how government policies and external shocks affect labor market outcomes and mental health, and how these can have spillover effects on the next generation.

Igor Custodio Joao

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


I work on models for panel data with unobserved dynamic clustering structures, and their applications to finance.


I develop clustering techniques to solve specific problems emerging from empirical applications related to how noisy data produces inconsistent clustering. I approach solutions both from a econometric perspective, using score-driven models, and from machine learning techniques combined and adapted to smooth out undesirable features. In my Job Market Paper, I concentrate on theoretical issues that arise in a wide class of clustering applications and propose a statistical test for clustering under switching.

Megan Haasbroek

Erasmus University Rotterdam


I am an economist with primary research interests in international trade, economic geography and development economics.


I make use of administrative datasets and hand-collected archival data on policy implementation to study the consequences of trade or industrial policy in developing countries. I then use this reduced-form evidence to model, and thereby achieve a deeper understanding of, firm behaviour in developing countries. 

Jens Klooster

Erasmus University Rotterdam


I am an econometrician with primary research interests in econometric and statistical theory.


In my research, I use techniques from the field of robust statistics to investigate and develop outlier robust statistical procedures that can be used to draw reliable causal inference in a large class of instrumental variable models.

Gabriela Miyazato Szini

University of Amsterdam

Placement: Assistant Professor, Tilburg University  


I am an economist with primary research interests Econometrics, mainly in (pseudo-)panel data, econometrics of network models, distribution regression, and the estimation of treatment effects. More specifically, in my research, I focus on proposing robust estimation methods for sparse networks (where only a few nodes in a network are connected).


In my Job Market Paper, I propose an estimator for distribution regression models under the framework of a network model. I show that this estimator is asymptotically unbiased even in the presence of sparse networks, and also in the extremum quantiles of the distribution of the outcome of interest. This method is applicable to the estimation of international trade flows, firm-level trade flows, and any other network data in which the outcomes are formed through bilateral ties of agents.

Rafael Nunes Teixeira

University of Amsterdam


I am an Applied Experimental Economist, broadly interested in studying the Behavioral Economics of compliance, cooperation, and incentives.

I employ experimental methods, including large-scale online and lab experiments, to address research questions in the fields of Law Economics, Industrial Organization, and Gender Economics. I combine these experiments with theory to analyze the underlying mechanisms and generate policy advice.

Daan Opschoor

Erasmus University Rotterdam


I am a time series econometrician with primary research interests in empirical macroeconomics and empirical finance.


In my research, I develop and enhance (high-dimensional) time series models and estimation techniques to better forecast the current and future state of the economy and to gain a deeper understanding in the nonlinearities and heterogeneity’s in various macroeconomic and financial time series.

Timo Schenk

University of Amsterdam

Placement: Postdoctoral Researcher, Aarhus University Denmark and Assistant Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam  


I am an econometrician with primary research interests in causal inference and applied microeconometrics.


My current research advances difference-in-differences methods, commonly used by economists to estimate causal effects with panel data.
In my job market paper, I develop strategies to understand the mechanisms behind treatment effects in these applications by extending approaches from mediation analysis.

Riccardo Silvestrini

Erasmus University Rotterdam


I am a theoretical economist with primary research interests in Macroeconomics and Industrial Organization


In my research, I use theoretical models characterized by firm heterogeneity and market power dynamics to study how these features improve our understanding of a wide range of economic phenomena, from technological change to monetary or fiscal policy.

Konstantin Sommer

University of Amsterdam


I am an applied economist working at the intersection of international and environmental economics.


In my research, I study the effectiveness of environmental policy in a globalized world and how open borders can lead to leakage effects and pollution havens. Most of my work is based on applied econometric techniques and to a smaller part on structural trade modelling.

Stefanos Tyros

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Placement: Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Business School, Harvard University, United States


I’m an economist conducting research primarily in macro and labour economics.


My Job Market Paper, titled “Green Technology Adoption and Skill Reallocation”, is a theoretical study of how labour market frictions, skill heterogeneity, and green technology adoption interact.


The rest of my work is a combination of theory and empirics on labour markets and technological adoption. In a recent OECD Paper we undertake a cross-country analysis of the workforce green skill levels. On a different, theoretical, project we focus on labour market specialization.


Primary Fields: Macroeconomics; Labour Economics
Secondary Fields: Environmental Economics

Shihao Yu

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


My research is within asset pricing and market microstructure. In particular, I examine the impact of market (micro)structures on securities trading and clearing in aspects of market liquidity, price discovery, and systemic risk.


I approach it through the lens of financial technology (FinTech) and by leveraging state-of-the-art econometric and machine learning models and big data analytics.


I obtained my PhD at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute in 2023 and since a year I am a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University.

Terri van der Zwan

Erasmus University Rotterdam


I am an econometrician with primary interests in time series econometrics. In my research, I focus on developing frameworks and estimation techniques to accurately model time series data.


My research interests include asset pricing, finance, empirical macroeconomics, and machine learning methods.