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Home | Job Market Candidates 2022-2023

Job Market Candidates 2022-2023

Please find this year's job market candidates below 

Placement Director: Professor Eric (E.J.) Bartelsman Ph: +31 (0)20 598 6167/4590 

Job market candidates

Paul Bose

Erasmus University Rotterdam


I am an economist with primary research interests in political economy and applied microeconometrics.


In my research, I make use of “big data” from social networks and parliamentary documents as well as tools such as machine learning and natural language processing in a combination with natural experiments to study political selection as well as the political causes and consequences of loss of trust in democracy.


In my job market paper “Trust in politicians and the provision of public goods: Evidence from Germany”, I show that low social capital in the form of trust in politicians negatively affects public good provision.

Francesco Capozza

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Placement: Research fellow (6 years), WZB-Berlin, Berlin School of Economics.


I am an Applied Experimental Economist. I am broadly interested in studying the behavioral economics of social inequalities.


I make use of experimental methods, such as large-scale online and field experiments, to tackle research questions in the domain of Mental Health, Public Economics and Political Economy. I combine these methods with machine learning techniques as well as NLP.


Adam Feher

University of Amsterdam



Fields of specialization are: 


  • Contract Theory
  • Law and Economics

Andras Lengyel

University of Amsterdam

Placement: Research Economist, Bank of England


Fields of specialization are:


  • Finance
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Monetary Economics

Amy Yazhu Li

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Placement: Assistant Professor, Chinese University Hong Kong-Shenzhen


Field of specialization is:


  • Finance

Bram van Os

Erasmus University Rotterdam



Fields of specialization are: 


  • Financial and macroeconomic time-series econometrics

Rita Dias Pereira

Erasmus University Rotterdam


I’m an economist interested in understanding social inequalities.  


I conduct research that lies on the intersection of genetics and economics, where I draw on novel findings in the social-science genetics literature to gain a deeper understanding of health and education inequalities. During my PhD, I studied gene-environment interactions, social mobility, and equality of opportunity.  




Roger Prudon

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Placement: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Lancaster University.


I am a micro-econometrician with an interest in labor, (mental) health, and disability insurance.


In my research, I use causal analysis on administrative datasets to examine why individuals exit the workforce and enter disability insurance in various settings. In my job market paper "Is delayed mental health treatment detrimental for employment?" I show that waiting lists for mental health treatment have substantial negative impacts on employment.

Evgenii Vladimirov

University of Amsterdam

Placement: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Erasmus School of Economics, Econometrics department


Fields of specialization are:

  • Financial Econometrics
  • Option Pricing
  • Timer-Series Econometrics
  • Asset Pricing

Stefan Wöhrmüller

University of Amsterdam


I am a quantitative macroeconomist with an interest in inequality and environmental economics.


In my research, I use heterogeneous-agent incomplete-market models to understand how micro heterogeneity affects the economy and vice versa. In my job market paper “Carbon taxation and precautionary savings”, I study how precautionary saving behavior affects the level of the optimal carbon tax.


Huaiping Yuan

University of Amsterdam



 Fields of specialization are: 


  • Behavioural Economics
  • Labour Economics
  • Experimental Economics

Andreas Ziegler

University of Amsterdam


I am a behavioral and experimental economist.  


I use experiments to study information effects in strategic interactions. In my job market paper, I investigate how to persuade an audience best. In other research, I examine whether interacting within markets shapes our morality and what we deem fair.