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447 key alumni publications

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  • Deng, Z. and Lindeboom, M. (2022). Early-life famine exposure, hunger recall, and later-life health Journal of Applied Econometrics, 37(4):771--787.
  • Chen, Y., Li, L. and Xiao, Y. (2022). Early-Life Exposure to Tap Water and the Development of Cognitive Skills Journal of Human Resources, 57(6):2113--2149.
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  • Dias Pereira, R., Rietveld, N. and van Kippersluis, H. (2022). The Interplay between Maternal Smoking and Genes in Offspring Birth Weight Journal of Human Resources, :.
  • Blasques, F., Koopman, S.J. and Nientker, M. (2022). A time-varying parameter model for local explosions Journal of Econometrics, 227(1):65--84.
  • Juodis, A. (2022). A regularization approach to common correlated effects estimation Journal of Applied Econometrics, 37(4):788--810.
  • van Leeuwen, B., Offerman, T. and van de Ven, J. (2022). Fight or Flight: Endogenous Timing in Conflicts Review of Economics and Statistics, 104(2):217–231.
  • Ikefuji, M., Laeven, RogerJ.A., Magnus, JanR. and Yue, Y. (2022). Earthquake Risk Embedded in Property Prices: Evidence From Five Japanese Cities Journal of the American Statistical Association, 117(537):82--93.
  • Hendershott, T., Menkveld, AlbertJ., Praz, R. and Seasholes, M. (2022). Asset Price Dynamics with Limited Attention Review of Financial Studies, 35(2):962--1008.
  • Jovanovic, B. and Menkveld, AlbertJ. (2022). Equilibrium bid-price dispersion Journal of Political Economy, 130(2):426--461.
  • Baillon, A., Halevy, Y. and Li, C. (2022). Randomize at Your Own Risk: On the Observability of Ambiguity Aversion Econometrica, 90(3):1085--1107.
  • Kastoryano, S. and van der Klaauw, B. (2022). Dynamic evaluation of job search assistance Journal of Applied Econometrics, 37(2):227--241.
  • Artmann, E., Oosterbeek, H. and van der Klaauw, B. (2022). Do Doctors Improve the Health Care of Their Parents? Evidence from Admission Lotteries American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 14(3):164--184.
  • Brands, D., Klingen, J. and Ostermeijer, F. (2022). Hands on the wheel, eyes on the phone: The effect of smartphone usage fees on road safety European Economic Review, 146:1--23.
  • Gardberg, M. and Pozzi, L. (2022). Aggregate consumption and wealth in the long run: The impact of financial liberalization Journal of Applied Econometrics, 37(1):161--186.
  • Bindler, A. and Ketel, N. (2022). Scaring or Scarring? Labor Market Effects of Criminal Victimization Journal of Labor Economics, 40(4):939--970.
  • Dur, R., Fleming, D., Van Garderen, M. and Van Lent, M. (2021). A Social Norm Nudge to Save More: A Field Experiment at a Retail Bank Journal of Public Economics, 200:.
  • Oosterbeek, H., Sóvágó, S. and van der Klaauw, B. (2021). Preference heterogeneity and school segregation Journal of Public Economics, 197:1--26.
  • Egebark, J., Ekström, M., Plug, E. and van Praag, M. (2021). Brains or beauty? Causal evidence on the returns to education and attractiveness in the online dating market Journal of Public Economics, 196:.
  • Juodis, A., Karabiyik, H. and Westerlund, J. (2021). On the robustness of the pooled CCE estimator Journal of Econometrics, 220(2):325--348.