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498 key alumni publications

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  • van der Klaauw, B. and Ziegler, L. (2024). A field experiment on labor market speeddates for unemployed workers Journal of Human Resources, :.
  • de Haan, L. and Zhou, C. (2024). Bootstrapping Extreme Value Estimators Journal of the American Statistical Association, 119(545):382--393.
  • Janssens, EvaF. and Lumsdaine, RobinL. (2024). Sectoral slowdowns in the United Kingdom: Evidence from transmission probabilities and economic linkages Journal of Applied Econometrics, 39(1):22--40.
  • D'Innocenzo, E., Lucas, A., Opschoor, A. and Zhang, X. (2024). Heterogeneity and dynamics in network models Journal of Applied Econometrics, 39(1):150--173.
  • Koster, HansR.A. and Rouwendal, J. (2024). HOUSING MARKET DISCOUNT RATES: EVIDENCE FROM BARGAINING AND BIDDING WARS International Economic Review, :.
  • Atella, V., di Porto, E., Kopinska, J. and Lindeboom, M. (2024). Traumatic Experiences Adversely Affect Life Cycle Labor Market Outcomes of the Next Generation—Evidence from Wwii Nazi Raids Journal of the European Economic Association, :.
  • Bindler, A., Hjalmarsson, R., Ketel, N. and Mitrut, A. (2024). Discontinuities in the Age-Victimization Profile and the Determinants of Victimization Economic Journal, 134(657):95–134.
  • Li, C. and Wakker, P. (2024). A Simple and General Axiomatization of Average Utility Maximization for Infinite Streams Journal of Economic Theory, 216:1--10.
  • Blasques, F., van Brummelen, J., Gorgi, P. and Koopman, S.J. (2024). Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Non-Stationary Location Models with Mixture of Normal Distributions Journal of Econometrics, 238(1):1--22.
  • Can, S., Laeven, R. and Einmahl, JohnH.J. (2024). Two-Sample Testing for Tail Copulas with an Application to Equity Indices Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 42(1):.
  • Cotofan, M., Cassar, L., Dur, R. and Meijer, S. (2023). Macroeconomic Conditions When Young Shape Job Preferences for Life Review of Economics and Statistics, 105(2):467--473.
  • Enke, B., Gneezy, U., Hall, B., Martin, D., Nelidov, V., Offerman, T. and van de Ven, J. (2023). Cognitive Biases: Mistakes or Missing Stakes? Review of Economics and Statistics, 105(4):818–832.
  • Guggenberger, P., Kleibergen, F. and Mavroeidis, S. (2023). A Test for Kronecker Product Structure Covariance Matrix Journal of Econometrics, 223(1):88--112.
  • Teeselink, B.K., van den Assem, MartijnJ. and van Dolder, D. (2023). Does Losing Lead to Winning? An Empirical Analysis for Four Sports Management Science, 69(1):513--532.
  • De Haan, M., Gautier, PieterA., Oosterbeek, H. and van der Klaauw, B. (2023). The Performance of School Assignment Mechanisms in Practice Journal of Political Economy, 131(2):388--455.
  • Custodio João, I., Lucas, A., Schaumburg, J. and Schwaab, B. (2023). Dynamic clustering of multivariate panel data Journal of Econometrics, 237(2, Part B):1--18.
  • Cai, X., Gautier, P. and Wolthoff, R. (2023). MEETINGS AND MECHANISMS International Economic Review, 64(1):155--185.
  • Manduca, R., Hell, M., Adermon, A., Blanden, J., Bratberg, E., Gielen, A., van Kippersluis, H., Lee, K., Machin, S., Munk, MartinD., Nybom, M., Ostrovsky, Y., Rahman, S. and Sirniö, O. (2023). Measuring Absolute Income Mobility: Lessons from North America and Europe American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, :.
  • Albrecht, J., Cai, X., Gautier, P. and Vroman, S. (2023). On the foundations of competitive search equilibrium with and without market makers Journal of Economic Theory, 208:1--33.
  • Koning, P., Lindeboom, M. and Godard, M. (2022). Application and Award Responses to Stricter Screening in Disability Insurance Journal of Human Resources, :.