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News | January 11, 2023

TI research fellows continue to lead the ranking of Dutch economists

As of 2022 ‘Economisch Statistische Berichten’ (ESB) has adjusted its Top 40 Economists ranking into the Economists' Parade. 

TI research fellows continue to lead the ranking of Dutch economists

In the coming years, the ESB will experiment with mapping a broader picture of academic achievements, not only focusing on international publications, but also on measurable university goals such as educational quality and societal impact.

In this first Economists' Parade, they do this by highlighting a number of valuable achievements of economists in addition to international publications, such as charting the growth of new talent (photo)*. Deans of schools were also asked about particular valuable achievements of employees. For the first time ESB looked as well at the extent to which the publications of scholars can be related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

The top of the list remains unchanged by the new weighting SDG. TI research fellow Albert Menkveld (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) stays on top as in the two previous years, followed by TI research fellow Cars Hommes (University of Amsterdam).

In total 20 TI research fellows can be found in this SDG relevance ranking: Albert Menkveld (1). Cars Hommes (2), Utz Weitzel (5), Bas van der Klaauw (7), Menno Pradhan (8), Patrick Verwijmeren (9), Aurélien Baillon (11), Arthur Schram (12), Siem Jan Koopman (16), André Lucas (20),  Sebastian Gryglewicz (21), Steven Poelhekke (23), Thomas Buser (24),  Stefan Stremersch (26), Hans Koster (28), Pieter Gautier (30), Martijn Burger (31), Olivier Marie (32), Mirjam van Praag (34) and Peter Wakker (38).

In total 23 TI research fellows can be found in the ranking with focus on international publications: Albert Menkveld (1). Cars Hommes (2), Bas van der Klaauw (6), Utz Weitzel (7), Patrick Verwijmeren (8), Arthur Schram (9), Siem Jan Koopman (11), Aurélien Baillon (12), Sebastian Gryglewicz (13), Hans Koster (14), André Lucas (16), Thomas Buser (19), Pieter Gautier (20), Olivier Marie (21), Stefan Stremersch (22), Jos van Ommeren (24), Menno Pradhan (26), Peter Wakker (30), Mathijs van Dijk (31), Frank Kleibergen (34), Aleksandar Andonov (36), Mirjam van Praag (38), Guido Baltussen (39)

Learn more on the website of ESB.

*Photo: new talent who this year has secured a permanent employment contract or tenure track position (a long-term temporary contract with a view to a permanent appointment) at a Dutch economics school for the first time.